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The Bagster - Soft-sided dumpster     Any one have experience with soft-sided dumpsters like The Bagster? Looking at installing hardwood floors on first floor so I'll be ripping out carpet (living room) and some sort of fake-wood floors (kitchen, dining, half bath and halls/entryway). Total of about 625 sq. ft. of flooring. I don't think I ... more>>
created by not_me on Feb 22, 2018     comments: 3

Ode to the Zip Code     Your Zip Code contributes more to your life outcomes than your genetic code. Where you live influences your health, education, and economic opportunities. The Fair Housing Center presents Ode to the Zip Code, a poetry contest celebrating the places we live. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, March 7, and are ... more>>
created by Anniecski on Feb 21, 2018     comments: 7

Popcorn     I like pre-popped department store popcorn. Kmart on Alexis and Janney's had good popcorn but, my favorite was at Target. I'd get four or five bags at a time to bring home. All the afore mentioned locations are gone or have eliminated their machines. Target just recently closed their snack ... more>>
created by Trilby on Feb 19, 2018     comments: 14

Did Barnes and Noble on Secor closed     There is a book I wanted to get from B&N and was going to call the store on Secor by the University to see if they had it in stock and that store isn't listed on the B&N website any longer. Did the store recently close. I drive by there about ... more>>
created by jamesteroh on Feb 19, 2018     comments: 8

TARTA Improvement Thread     A letter in today's Blade bemoaned the lack of snow removal from sidewalks and mentioned that all the bus stop benches were buried by snowplows after our last snow event. I hope the new mayor's decision to ride once a week brings improvements. I got to thinking, there is very little about ... more>>
created by viola on Feb 17, 2018     comments: 1

Fish Fries.....     Any suggestions for fish fries? I know there was one post a few years ago... Was hoping for updated ideas...
created by golddustwoman on Feb 16, 2018     comments: 7

Why is the Blade supporting the hiring of an out of town chief of staff     As I'm sure all of you aware the mayors chief of staff is not local and all of city council voted to raise the salary cap to hire her even though she has never served in the position before. The Blade is totally in support of this: This is the top non-elected ... more>>
created by classylady on Feb 16, 2018     comments: 14

Serial killer could be released in Toledo on Tuesday     The thought that a serial killer in Toledo could be released on Tuesday and walk among us and our children is disgusting. Prosecutor really screwed this up! The story in The Blade:
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Our Bitcoin Pirate     Wow - what a story! I've learned so much from reading the details. A local guy has been arrested for making/selling false ID cards. He paid his two Toledo employees with gold bars or gold coins. The Blade is covering the story, but here's a link to which doesn't ... more>>
created by viola on Feb 10, 2018     comments: 2

Restaurant Week Toledo 2018 #rwt18     Restaurant Week Toledo 2018 is Monday, February 26 through Sunday, March 4, 2018. Dine out to support local businesses! Not only will you be supporting those restaurants, but you'll also be supporting the youth programs of Leadership Toledo. For more information and to see which restaurants are involved this year, ... more>>
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