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Happy 2017 Thanksgiving!     Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow TT'ers! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
created by shamrock44 on Nov 23, 2017     comments: 2

What to Do with Holiday Visitors?     It's that time of year again ... out-of-town visitors. I know the art museum is great, but are there other indoor pursuits to recommend? I wish the Blair Museum of Lithophanes was open during this season -- such a unique attraction! A previous thread mentioned the Maumee Antiques Mall, which has turned ... more>>
created by viola on Nov 22, 2017     comments: 3

The Story of O     Did Oprah Winnebago use her limitless wealth and push aside Charlie Rose so that she could sit in his seat on national news? Rose committed quite a few faux pas but there were no allegations of any kind of force with his misbehavior. Is it too much conspiratorial conjecture to ... more>>
created by Mariner on Nov 22, 2017     comments: 18

Crime Outbreak     What is going on in the south end? Seems like there is some gang/drug war going on. Toledo just logged it's 37th homicide of the year. I tried to call TPD on it's non-emergency dispatch tonight to report some drug activity on our street and I was merely blown off. ... more>>
created by WestToledoan on Nov 21, 2017     comments: 12

Recommendations for carpet cleaners     Anyone have recommendations for local carpet cleaners? I only need two bedrooms cleaned. It would have to be a company that uses equipment that doesn't require an outdoor water hookup. The carpet cleaning company I used at my old place told me they require an outdoor spigot hookup to work with ... more>>
created by jamesteroh on Nov 17, 2017     comments: 6

Opportunities for Improvement Downtown     Just some thoughts on what would really bring home the rebirth... In no particular order: -firm up redevelopment of Fort Industry Square -Hotel Seagate redeveloped -COSI relocated and Portside repurposed -Convention Center re-imagined, re-organized.. Waay too underutilized right now. -Add small concert venue (1000-1250 ish capacity) -some way to link/tie together Adams St and Warehouse District Get ... more>>
created by BulldogBuckeye on Nov 17, 2017     comments: 18

Tower on the Maumee update     The Tower on the Maumee has a website now Those apartments aren't cheap...
updated by ckbeats21 on Nov 16, 2017     comments: 21

Tin Can Toledo ...has this been covered? Is this place open yet? Or am I correct its going into the bottom floor of the Berdan Building? I stumbled upon this.....havent seen or read any news related to its opening, not even here, which is surprising.
created by BulldogBuckeye on Nov 16, 2017     comments: 9

Holey Toledough Donuts stores are finally opening     I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Was going through my spam folder and for some reason a message from Saturday concerning went into my spam folder instead of my inbox: He has on his facebook page they should be open by Thanksgiving so not sure why they aren't giving the ... more>>
created by jamesteroh on Nov 15, 2017     comments: 17

Savers Stores Closing     I wondered if the new upscale aspirations for the Secor hotel corridor would eventually force shabby old Savers to move elsewhere, but I didn't expect the company to close two Toledo stores!
created by viola on Nov 10, 2017     comments: 22

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