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Old West End Festival 2018     Well well well, it's that time again! Warm weather is here, and festival season is upon us! I'm going to (as usual) paraphrase myself from previous year's festival posts: The biggest (and in my opinion best) neighborhood festival is coming! June 1st, 2nd & 3rd... Here is a FB page, to keep tabs on: and ... more>>
created by upso on May 23, 2018     comments: 2

I can't think of an adequate title!!     I read this and my heart sank. Maybe this will be the next neighborhood festival in Toledo. Don't get me wrong. I applaud Mr Ujvagi for stepping up and trying to do something. But there is something very disturbing about Bring the wife and kids, free food and drink, games ... more>>
created by Wydowmaker on May 20, 2018     comments: 43

Accused of theft at work. Employee rights question.     If an employee is accused in writing of equipment theft at work by a new supervisor, and that employee is then forced to get a written statement from their previous supervisor that the equipment was not stolen, does the employee have any recourse for the false accusation? The new supervisor ... more>>
created by holland on May 18, 2018     comments: 6

New Lawn     I have a dirt yard in a new house that needs finish graded and sod/seeded. Having a very hard time getting someone. any suggestions?
created by MattL on May 17, 2018     comments: 2

Japanese Mayo     Does anyone know of a store (s) that carry Kewpie Japanese Mayo? I would like the one from Japan, not the USA made stuff.
created by golddustwoman on May 17, 2018     comments: 21

Mud Hen's Fireworks 🎆🎆     Start Saturday, May 19th :)
created by stooks on May 17, 2018     comments: 1

Toledo Social Security Office - Easy or Hard to Access?     I have some paperwork that needs to go to the Toledo Social Security office on Summit Street. I could mail it, but that would mean a trip to some other post office anyway, as our local post office has... issues. I try to avoid going to downtown offices as it usually ... more>>
created by gamegrrl on May 14, 2018     comments: 10

96 year old UT Veteran was on ABC News tonight     A 96 World War 2 vet dropped out of UT 70 years ago to get a job to support his family and they discovered he had enough credits for his associates degree and walked with the graduates Saturday. I read the story in the Blade last week. It was the closing ... more>>
created by classylady on May 09, 2018     comments: 0

Question for Uber/Lyft Drivers     I know there are several part time Uber drivers on this forum. My boyfriend is considering doing it on the weekends and he had a couple questions he couldn't find answers for on the Uber site. His main concern is if he can use a car registered in another persons name if ... more>>
created by classylady on May 09, 2018     comments: 9

Whole House Back Up Generators     I'm contemplating putting in a whole-house backup generator and thought I'd ask for experiences from TT. My main focus on this is to stop my ice maker from melting all over my brand-new hardwood floor, but going several days without power is annoying to say the least. Not having to ... more>>
created by not_me on May 06, 2018     comments: 9

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