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** Note *** Read this January 7, 2007 posting and January 10, 2007 comment and January 17, 2007 Toledo Free Press story about planned changes for Toledo Talk.

To discuss the news and events in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Here are more detailed reasons for the site.

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Creating an account at ToledoTalk allows you to post new topics on the front page and to comment on other topics. Having an account allows you to control the font size and style of the website in your browser, making it easier for you to read.

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This site's layout is controlled with CSS, Cascading Style Sheets. It's been designed to work well in as many browsers as possible. If ToledoTalk, however, looks strange in your browser (overriding text, columns messed up, existence of a horizontal scrollbar), then post your problem to the website issues forum or send an e-mail to


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