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    January 12, 2004

Taft Signs Concealed Handgun Bill - "Gov. Bob Taft signed a bill Thursday to allow Ohioans to carry hidden guns, just one day after lawmakers passed it. The bill goes into effect 90 days after it is signed by Taft and is filed with the Ohio Secretary of State. The Senate vote on Wednesday was 25-8, and the House vote was 69-24. Ohioans who apply for permits to carry concealed weapons would have to pay a fee, undergo background checks and be trained in the use of a weapon. Ohio would become the 46th state to allow carrying concealed weapons under the bill."

"Some Senate democrats are angry at the bill's passage and said Taft finally caved in to gain political acceptance from the National Rifle Association. The bill gained acceptance from law enforcement agencies."

"The bill also makes the names of permit holders in each county available to reporters who ask a sheriff's department for the names. Taft's insistence on this provision derailed the bill late last year after House lawmakers balked. But House Speaker Larry Householder this week agreed to go along with the requirement, which the Ohio Senate had already informally agreed to."

And some in the media, who have sour grapes over this bill passing, are threatening to publish the names of permit holders. First this column from the Cleveland Plain Dealer is another example of wretched journalism. It contains futile attempts at humor and is loaded with pathetic metaphors. So beware. Reading this column could lower your intelligence.

"State Rep. Jim Aslanides is just full of spit and swagger now that his concealed-weapon bill has passed. Thanks to Cowboy Jim and his posse, your average citizen not to mention your not- so-average raging ex-spouse and disgruntled employee can carry a hidden weapon around any street in the state."

"Cowboy Jim was one of the first to take aim, firing away at any journalist armed with the silly notion that each and every resident in this fine state of Texas, I mean Ohio, has a right to know who's carrying a loaded weapon in their neighborhood."

"This little showdown came about because one of the new law's provisions prohibits the general public that would be you from finding out who is purchasing a permit to carry a concealed weapon."

"Only journalists are allowed that information. So, that is exactly what we intend to do. We will find out who bought the permits to carry concealed weapons and then let you know, too."

I believe this is only a threat, but then again, it wouldn't surprise me if they did publish the information. This is an abuse of power by the media. This is an invasion of privacy. Once again, it's not the Patriot Act that's invading our privacy and limiting our freedoms, it's local government and in this case, the media.

Ohio finally allows its citizens to legally carry a firearm, but Ohio government adds this provision to make the information available to the media.

45 other states already allow its citizens to carry concealed weapons, so this is nothing new. The reference that Ohio is now going back to the wild west days of Texas is childish. Why didn't the writer mention some other state besides Texas?

Of the 45 other states allowing concealed weapons, only a few come with the provision that allows the media access to the names of people with permits.

Now back to the misleading Plain Dealer column.

"As a parent, I want to know who's armed in my neighborhood. This is entirely consistent with my family policy of long standing. Whenever my kids were invited to a new family's house, I asked the parent whether they had firearms in the house and, if so, how and where they stored them. Did they have a child safety lock, which is not required in Ohio? Was the gun loaded? If that sounds excessive, keep in mind that, according to the most recent stats, in 2001 alone, 87 children and teenagers in Ohio died from gunfire. That's 87 children too many. And, so far, children can't buy guns. Money buys guns."

First, the writer said, "died from gunfire." The writer didn't specify if these deaths were accidental or not. Some kids shoot themselves. Some kids are intentionally killed by guns used by adults and other children. Some murderers kill kids by drowning them in water, beating them with a baseball bat, or stabbing them with a knife, but there's no outrage over those items.

Here's a little perspective the Plain Dealer writer should investigate.

"If the gun-control crowd spent just a fraction of its resources on public awareness campaigns about the risks of childhood drowning and the importance of learning CPR, they could truly make a life-saving difference for America's youth."

"Drownings are the second-leading cause of unintentional, injury-related death among children 14 and younger, with more than 1,000 deaths a year. That's 10 times the annual number of accidental shooting deaths for children 14 and under. (The leading cause of accidental deaths among this age group is motor vehicle crashes.) More than half of drownings occur in a pool at the child's own home, and one-third occur at homes of friends."

"About 50 children in the U.S. drown every year in 5-gallon buckets -- yes, buckets -- many of which were less than half full, according to federal statistics. The government also notes that 77 percent of young drowning victims were missing for just five minutes or less. Most were in the presence of one or both parents."

It's interesting that in Toledo, you can carry a gun into your favorite bar or restaurant, but you cannot smoke a cigarette there. Same-sex marriages are banned in Ohio, but a homosexual couple could carry their his and his or hers and hers firearm sets to an outdoor festival.

Hold on about carrying guns into a business. Amazingly, Ohio government will permit business owners to decide for themselves whether or not customers can carry a gun into their establishment. What a sensible idea: private business owners can decide if a legal activity is allowed at their business. Now why doesn't this same common sense apply to smoking?

"Private employers may ban weapons by posting signs at their entrances."

For those interested in carrying a firearm:

Some women feel safer by carrying a gun.
Women Shooters
Armed Females of America

Gun ranges in the Toledo area for you to practice at:
Bullet Stop, Inc. in Graytown, OH.
Cleland's Outdoor World in Toledo.
Toledo Trap & Skeet near Berkey, OH.
Tri-County Sportsmans League in Saline, MI.

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Comments ...

Here's a wonderfully crafted piece of dementia titled: "Ohioans held hostage by the Republicans".

Held hostage by Republicans? Indeed, hostage-taking and Republicans should always be used in the same sentence, at least by those writers who are insane. This article, believe it or not, is about the conceal carry gun bill.

It begins: "Tom Ridge should issue a red alert just for Ohio. We live in a perpetual state of emergency. Columbus is the cause of our distress. We're being held hostage by the Republican leadership. Officials elected to act in the people's best interest are little more than scoundrels in suits who have only special interests at heart. They fiddle like fools while population and jobs steadily leave the Buckeye State for greener pastures."

Once again, note this hack writer's attempt at humor. So far, what in the hell is this column about?

Oh wait, finally we get to the point.

"There's no better proof of public duty abdicated on a grand scale than the recently passed concealed-carry legislation. It replaced a law that had served Ohioans well for 145 years with one that introduces risk to everyday life. Citizens used to be banned from secretly carrying guns in public."

Yeah, better make that a double straight jacket. What scares me is not someone carrying a gun, but the idiots driving on the highways. When the State Patrol has to get on the radio to tell people to slow down during a snow storm, you know we have a moron infestation. Solve the lunatic driving problem.

No where in this piece of writing crud did the writer mention that Ohio joined 45 other states with the conceal carry bill. The writer made it sound like Ohio was the only state going back to the days of the Wild West.

"Frankly, on the list of priorities Main Street is preoccupied with, carrying hidden handguns is a no show. Here's a news bulletin: People are worried about jobs - finding or keeping one. They lose sleep over affording health care and prescriptions with little or no insurance. Those lucky enough to carry coverage seem to pay more for the privilege every Jan. 1. It's about education and the economy, stupid. It's about holding down a couple of minimum-wage jobs to make ends meet. It's about living paycheck to paycheck and accumulating staggering debt. It's about trying to get ahead of the game and falling further behind. But not by any stretch of the imagination is it about packing concealed heat."

Yeah, well tell that to Toledo City Council who seems to not have a problem with producing a long list of worthless acts. Here's a news bulletin: Toledo and Lucas County has been controlled by Democrats for many years. Politics is local, right? Maybe that's where the blame for our ills should be directed: to our local political windbags.

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