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    June 30, 2005

Carty is running - Former Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner today announced to The Bladeís editorial board that he plans to join the race for Toledoís next mayor.

(yakkity smackity yadda yadda)

He plans to have a campaign event this afternoon in International Park where he will formally announce to the public his intention to run.

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What I want to know is, why is he holding his campaign event at International Park? Shouldn't he be having it at the Erie Street Market? I thought holding it there would be a sure hit!
posted by anonymouscoward at 01:56 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #


It would have been news if Carty didn't run.

Worst-kept secret in the city.

But hey, that's the way he played it. We, as a city, kept the talk going: "Will he? Won't he? Will he? Won't he?"

posted by historymike at 02:23 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

yuk yuk yuk! Carty!! HA HA HA! Erie Street Market!! HO HO!! HIT!! HA HA Coward, that was funny!!
posted by BrianInFlorida at 03:29 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

I will take Carty any day over Jack...Carty really loves Toledo...he worked very hard to keep our Jeep Plant in Toledo...

He has my Vote!

posted by MARIELORA at 04:54 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

Carty sure should have had his kick-off at the Erie Street Market, he needs to support the vendor that sells coffee cups. If he gets elected he's sure to need them to hurl at anyone who pisses him off. Also, as a member of the Teamsters Local 20 for 20+ years, I'm very curious how Mr. Mark Sob-silly-suck will have time to do more than one thing. He certainly does a poor job representing certain Teamster shops that have under 50 employees.
posted by Boota at 06:03 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

Bah, all unions are like that anymore. Patronize the corporations and politicans and neglect the workers that fluff up the union's bank accounts.

As far as Carty goes, he's just the ball and chain to the democrats and the Jack Ford spoiler. Had Carty had any credibility, he'd have been up front about his Beacon Place fiasco.

Carty has no credibility, nor do the unions that take Toledoans hard earned money and ignore their members but instead they're hobknobbing with goobersmoochers.

That just ain't right....

posted by BrianInFlorida at 06:19 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

Last week, I overheard Carty tell someone the reason why he was holding his party at International Park was because it was on the East Side. It was a symbolic gesture to show he supports the east side and their Marina District project, although Carty believes the arena should go on the west side.
posted by jr at 07:31 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

Well, I was going to make a few more jokes at Carty's expense, but I don't want to be too insensitive. And since I don't live in Toledo, let me just encourage you all to vote for him, the rest of NW Ohio needs the free entertainment on the 6pm news. What'll he do next, suggest that the blind people move into the blighted neighborhoods, cause they won't see the lack of property upkeep and therefore won't be upset?
posted by anonymouscoward at 08:14 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

Pleese see my post re: deaf people at the airport, under the topic Carty Party

And, keep in mind that I am NOT a Carty supporter.

Unfortunately, Carty will probably win :-(

posted by Hooda_Thunkit at 08:54 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

Maybe...maybe not

I'd also suggest that people remember it's not just who can win the primary but who can win the actual election. Since it appears it will be whoever vs Ludeman that is also a part of this.

It's too early in the process but to be honest I like alot of what Wilkowski has proposed so far. That and I admire the courage it had to take for him to run, he obviously feels strongly about it else he would not have entered the race.

posted by psyche777 at 09:16 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

horray, carty did alot more for toledo than jack ever did, at least we know that carty loves toledo, and can make things happen.
posted by rbecca47 at 09:52 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 30, 2005     #

All bullshite. Ludeman was history as soon as the Polish Prince threw his hat into the odious ring. Race will be between Herr Finkenbeiner & Wilkowski, or between Ford & Wilkowski. Why do you think Sarantou (sp?) dropped out right after Wilk's announcement? My analysis: You surely must remember, -Believe the Puppet Master's rag said once Toledo was 25% black. 99% of the black vote will go to JFo automatically, never mind he's a barely-awake buffoon (see:(crackhead) Marion Berry for details). The Puppet Master will no doubt throw Ford to the wolves, now that he's served his purpose with the smoker ban (yes, I know-it was amended-which is why the rag is now going for a statewide ban. Gonna remake the town in J.R.'s image one way or the other). Herr Finkenbeiner, J.R. found out, is too much of a loose cannon for him to control, therefore-he, through his rag & "columnists", will endorse Wilky. J.R. has to keep his "A" team in full power, even though they're destroying Toledo. Also bear in mind that Der Lude will have that filthy "R" by his name on the ballot(not that our Republicans are really any different than the Dems), and-the election is, unfortunately for him,in Lucas County. So...between the sleepwalker & the Polish Prince, or between Condo Carty & the Polish Prince. Watch & see. The only thing that I may not have figured in here is the possibility J.R. may dictate to his puppets at the rag to go after Carty every day on the front page & editorial page. But I don't think that'll have the impact he wants, though. People already love or hate Carty, so I don't think they could sway many minds in this case-they're already locked in. In the end, when all is said & done, what does it matter? J.R. will still control the town...which is the primary reason it's been dying since the 1980's.
posted by Foolkiller at 03:33 A.M. EST on Fri Jul 01, 2005     #

I am still working under the theory that Wilkowski strategically entered the race to pull votes from Finkbeiner in the primary.

I see it as a ploy by the "A" team faction to improve their chances of having someone from their side on the ballot in November.

"A" team's worst-case scenario: Carty vs. Ludeman. That would leave them with a horrid (for them) decision: backing a horse they hate, or backing (gasp) someone from the GOP.

I'll bet Wilkowski spends his entire campaign bashing Carty, and that the two of them spew venom at each other non-stop. Some argue that Wilkowski is not really running for mayor so much as he is running interference for JaFo, who the "A" team wants to keep in place.

Foolkiller: you make an important point. The real untold story (except in places like ToledoTalk and RecallJackFord) is the Blade's immense power. As a reminder, consider the businesses Block Communications, Inc. controls in this area:

Print. Cable. Internet. Telesystems. Webhosting. Security. (Note - BCI sold parts of Corporate Protection services in 2003, and disbanded the plastic bag-hanging CCS in 2002)

In addition to being a kingmaker, the Blocks dominate the media, with the exception of TV and radio. Give them time with that, although the FCC might need to be bought off first. They already own 4 TV stations (2 in Louisville, 1 in Lima, 1 in Idaho) and 2/3 of a TV station in Illinois.

For those who point out that the Blade is losing money, remember that BCI is nearly a half-billion dollar conglomerate. Lots of cookies there to pass around.

posted by historymike at 06:39 A.M. EST on Fri Jul 01, 2005     #

A different perspective on the primary...Wilkowski will NOT pull votes from Carty. Wilkowski is A team, Carty is B team. The only person Wilkowski will pull votes from is Ford.

Carty has roughly 40% of the vote already...those are the ones that love him - regardless. Carty also knows that roughly 40% will NEVER vote for him because they hate him. It's these stats that make me believe Carty will be one of the ones to survive the primary.

Ludeman can be the other one if the Republicans all vote for him - but that is not always a given...some of those Republicans will cross the party line to vote for Carty and are included in Carty's 40%. (Unlike the Dems, Republicans often vote for the person over party.)

There will be no party affiliation listed on the ballot - this is, believe it or not, a non-partisan race.

The only reason Wilkowski entered the race was because Fords poll numbers were so low. Also, the polls showed that people affiliated with Ford were also getting declining poll numbers (Szollosi, Gerken, Wozniak).

Historymike is correct - the worst case scenario for the A-Team is a Carty - Ludeman race...gee - can we make that happen?

posted by intrepid at 09:26 A.M. EST on Fri Jul 01, 2005     #

Let's hope that someone in the media has the presence of mind to ask ALL candidates, "What are you going to do to erase the projected budget deficit and continue to deliver the needed services to Toledo?"

That, my friends, IS the $64,000 question.

Nothing else really matters until that little "item" is taken care of.

To my reckoning, Carty has no edge when it comes to serving in tough economic times.

posted by Hooda_Thunkit at 10:14 A.M. EST on Fri Jul 01, 2005     #

Jack has his website:

And so does Rob:

Although neither Jack's nor Rob's are updated at regular intervals. So both sites are lame. They give no reason for citizens to visit their sites on a regular basis. But at least they have websites.

Where are Carty's and Keith's? Both of these guys are pitching their plans for Toledo. Where are these plans for us to read?

Can we take candidates seriously that don't make use of the Internet? How can they be trusted to encourage technology businesses to invest in Toledo when the candidates themeselves don't know how to use technology.

Another candidate for mayor is Martin Okonski. He was collecting petitions at the first sports arena workshop meeting a couple weeks ago. He was in our group at the Marina District meeting last Saturday. He's paid more attention to the east side via these meetings than anyone else except for Ford. Okonski's slogan is "OK for Mayor."

Opal Covey is also running for Mayor. Do Martin and Opal have websites to communicate their ideas to the public? This is 2005 and not 1993, right?

posted by jr at 12:10 P.M. EST on Fri Jul 01, 2005     #

"Casting himself as a great motivator and speaking of a need to "mobilize and energize," "awaken," and "excite" Toledo, Mr. Finkbeiner released a list of 34 campaign pledges, promising everything from new jobs to permanently fixed potholes."

To my cat, I just announced my intention to run for mayor, and I gave him my 52-point plan to turn Toledo around. My plan is called "52-point Plan to Turn Toledo Around."

But I'm not going to make my plan public. You'll just have to trust me. Since my plan has 52 and Carty's has 34, I should be elected. Okay, I'll let you in on one point of my plan: Invest in research on how to use hairballs as an alternative source of energy. Imagine heating your home with hairballs instead of Columbia's Scamgas.

Carty on the arena:

"Like all mayoral candidates, Mr. Finkbeiner spoke of his plans for the east-side Marina District and a new sports arena, saying that people should focus more on getting the district itself started than on whether an arena is placed there. Mr. Finkbeiner said it would not matter on which side of the Maumee River the arena was placed and should depend more on the desires of a developer willing to put up some money."

The Pizzuti/CSL study said it didn't matter which side of the river the arena went. But what I heard last week was that Carty doesn't think the arena should go on the east side. Carty is right that the focus should be on the Marina District project and not the arena.

posted by jr at 12:24 P.M. EST on Fri Jul 01, 2005     #

We had a "nice" discussion about Carty back in December.
posted by jr at 02:15 P.M. EST on Fri Jul 01, 2005     #

OK - NOW the Wilkowski thing makes sense. It just didn't compute - it's not the "usual" in Toledo politics. And the mayorship of Toledo isn't that big of a plum. People never seem to stop and think about that. To Finkbeiner it is, because he genuinely loves the city.

Wilkowski, it just didn't compute - any more than that 3rd entrant into the Sheriff's race. About which the Blade was dead silent. Telb was on his way out, without whoever that was (don't recall name) entering the race as a 1912 type 3rd candidate to make sure that Telb's opponent (no matter who that would have been) didn't get a head-to-head race with Telb.

The 1912 reference for those not familiar is as follows: If Wilson had run head to head with Theodore Roosevelt, he would have lost. If Wilson had run head to head with Taft he would have lost. Only a 3-way contest could get him in. A very naiive Theodore Roosevelt had his campaign almost exclusively financed by a corporate officer of J. P. Morgan. (Morgan despised Roosevelt, calling him a traitor to his class, but didn't want Taft in for some very specific reasons, and was only using TR to split the vote in the first place.)

Actually many believe that's why Perot ran - because he had enough of his own money to finance it, and that his main aim was to defeat George Bush. Without Perot, Clinton would have lost both times.

Yeah... the Wilkowski candidacy just didn't make any sense.

posted by edie at 12:04 P.M. EST on Sat Jul 02, 2005     #

Carty has a website - check it out.

He is the only one in the race with the stones to point Toledo back on track. Love him or hate him, he IS effective and he IS his own man.

posted by DoknowDocare at 10:30 P.M. EST on Sat Jul 02, 2005     #

Why do you associate being loud, abrasive and self-promoting with someone who gets results? You think Carty has "stones", you don't have to "show" your "stones" to be effective. What exactly do you mean by the right track? We are on track, while other big cities, such as Cleveland and Pittsburg have laid off hundreds of workers, Toledo has had very few. Sick leave abuse has been dramatically reduced resulting in 1.2 milion dolars in additional staff productivity. Cell phones and pagers have been reduced by 33%, saving thousands of dollars. The Mayor's administration went back 15 years and looked at old loans and demanded payment of tens of thousands of dollars that were left uncollected. Those monies can now be reinvested in future economic developement projects. Small, medium, and large businesses have been assisted with nearly 2 million dollars in loans and grants. The administration maintains an aggressive housing demolition program. Small businesses have been given $50,000 to assist with security cameras, under-age alcohol sweeps continue in bars and carryouts. Additionally, the Mayor directed the Toledo Fire Department to do a door to door sweep to evaluate residential properties to make sure they have working smoke/fire detectors. With the assisstance of a Federal grant the city was able to issue 11,000 detectors. An unprecedented number of roads have been resurfaced and that work is ongoing. And, from now until the year 2007, Toledo will rebuild nearly 2000 sidewalk ramps so that every citizen will be able to navigate the steets. I have listed a fraction of what has been achieved during Mayor Ford's administration. I know that Mayor Ford's quite nature doesn't make good press, but I would rather have a good, fair, and intelligent mayor than one who bullies persons when he doesn't get his way. You do not have to be so abrasive with employees and citizens to get results. What you do need to do is deligate and hold indivuals accountable for what they do - not scream at them. You want your staff and citizens to respond to you out of loyalty and repspect, not to respond because they don't want to get their heads biten off. Speaking of loyalty and respect, all you indivuals who were onboard with Ford, it would have been better, don't you think to have been upfront with him that were you leaving? I'm not saying you shouldn't pursue your own goals, just that you should have had the honesty and integrety to let him know. That can be respected, face to face honesty. Not the back-biting, two faced behavior that is being exhibited now. Shame on you, I hope you taught your children better than that.
posted by louie1961 at 05:59 A.M. EST on Sun Jul 03, 2005     #

Are you a city worker? :D Guess what,Personally, I NEVER at any time said I was for ANY OF THE ABOVE. J.R. runs things anyway, and that's that. I still maintain that this town has been going slowly down the toilet since the late 1980's or so. Hmmm...wasn't that about the time the so-called "A" team started to slowly begin creeping in? And, most of them were endorsed/handpicked by J.R; if you'll go back & check the rags' "endorsements". Not trying to start an argument here, Lou, but if you honestly think things are getting better in Lucas County, I say you're dead wrong. Ford/Block/new breed of politicos FRIENDLY TO SMALL BUSINESS???? BWAahhHAAA!! This is one of the most UNFRIENDLY places to small business I know of. They all kiss Jeep & Chevy's a$#%s & to hell with those that only employ a small number of people. Let's hear from any small business owners who may be lurking. What say you on this? The main reason I'd be happy if Mr. No-doze lost out would be I would never have to see a "Toledos first lady" again (especially one in stupid hats).
posted by Foolkiller at 06:36 A.M. EST on Sun Jul 03, 2005     #

Louie, you sure do blow a lot of cheerleader smoke towards someone who's major claim during his term is tree trimming.

Altho I've enjoyed reading your press release, it's been well documented that Jack Ford's agendas have hurt Toledo as well. Have you actually driven through some of Toledo off the beaten path? Most of the neighborhood that I grew up in is a plethora of empty buildings and vacant lots. Explain to me where a whole neighborhood that was thriving three years ago can be so decimated by nothing more than a failed agenda. Let me give you one hint. "Wrong Focus."

What facinates me is the fact you drop quotes like, "With the assisstance of a Federal grant the city was able to issue 11,000 detectors." That's happening all over the country, but nice try. (surprised you didn't slip in it being Jack's idea to change the batteries after each solstace) "Under-age alcohol sweeps continue in bars and carryouts" happens every day across America. "An unprecedented number of roads have been resurfaced and that work is ongoing.", then explain to me the horrendous amount of complaints of pot holes on these "resurfaced roads". THis is my personal favorite, "The Mayor's administration went back 15 years and looked at old loans and demanded payment of tens of thousands of dollars that were left uncollected. Those monies can now be reinvested in future economic developement projects." I noticed you didn't mention that those monies should be allocated to neighborhood groups to promote growth and prosperity within the community. With this assistance, instead of dragging news media to film another building being torn down in the name of "development and growth" (cough "wrong focus" cough) those monies could help families in dire straits get their acts together. Just a small sample of your lack of creativity.

I've read a lot of what you wrote off Jack Ford for Mayor's website, and fortunately you left off the companies he's helped to keep in Toledo. That list is dwindling.

Louie, you seem like the "answer man", I'd like for you to answer one question for me. Why did Toledo lose over 3,000 residents last year if Jack Ford is doing his job?

Oh, and before you go off on a tangent, Carty is not the answer to Toledo. If Toledoans knew how much money Carty make off of Edwin Bergsmark, he'd have been run from town. Carty is a scam artist and a thief and dosen't deserve to be elected. Shame is that he's known to get a lot more done than Jack Ford, and that is the goal of being a mayor.

posted by BrianInFlorida at 07:25 A.M. EST on Sun Jul 03, 2005     #

So let's analyze some of Ford's "accomplishments..."

CLAIM: We are on track, while other big cities, such as Cleveland and Pittsburg have laid off hundreds of workers, Toledo has had very few.

Actually, Toledo has far too many people working on the 22nd floor vs. police and fire. The only reason more people haven't been laid off is 1) because they've been moved to departments where they can be paid out of non-general fund budgets or 2) because idiots on council and the mayor spent all of the city's reserve (rainy day fund). If we truly have an emergency in the future, there won't be any funds to pay for it because we've kept the unions happy - at the public's expense.

CLAIM: Sick leave abuse has been dramatically reduced resulting in 1.2 milion dolars in additional staff productivity. Cell phones and pagers have been reduced by 33%, saving thousands of dollars.

This is not an accomplishment - this is what should have been occuring all along. And the figures are deceptive - do you really think people who have a habit of abusing sick leave are actually more productive just because they're at work?!?

CLAIM: Small businesses have been given $50,000 to assist with security cameras...

Actually, if the City were as safe as it needed to be, small businesses wouldn't have NEEDED money for security cameras.

CLAIM: Additionally, the Mayor directed the Toledo Fire Department to do a door to door sweep to evaluate residential properties to make sure they have working smoke/fire detectors.

I'm sorry - as much as this may be a good idea, government has no right to go door to door to make sure my fire detector is working...socialism/communism creeping into Toledo.

CLAIM: An unprecedented number of roads have been resurfaced and that work is ongoing.

And this road work is being paid for out of FUTURE funds - they borrowed off of future income in this fund in order to do the work now - in an election year.

Being the mayor of a city is about 2 things - the day-to-day administration of the business of a city and the active promotion/ecouragement of the city and citizens. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anyone who has these skills nor an understanding that services provided by the city must be balanced against lower taxes which promote growth.

Sadly, the main reason people leave Toledo is because of the schools and the mayor has absolutely no control over that - except that the majority of school board members are all a-teamers.

definition of insanity...doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

posted by intrepid at 08:20 A.M. EST on Sun Jul 03, 2005     #

Then Jack Ford should have held TPS more accountable. Jack IS in a position to incite a positive direction with our school systems seeing he spends a lot of time campaigning in them. Unfortunately Jack isn't inspired to drive Dr. Sanders to a level where TPS is somewhat "profitable" instead of a black hole sucking taxes and funds like beams of light.

All Jack had to do was ask questions to a media source and let the public in on what is going on.

posted by BrianInFlorida at 09:00 A.M. EST on Sun Jul 03, 2005     #

Let me say a thing or two - I am not a city worker. I work for a doctor, Additionally, when I posted my comment this a.m. I did not have any idea it was also posted on the Ford website, that was purely coincidental.I have attended meetings in support of the mayor as well as have attended both of his state of the city addresses. Also, from the mouths of city workers come complaints when they have to produce doctor's notes for excusals for appointments as well as complaints about having to use time from the FMLA Act if the time they had missed exceeded any sick time they earned. Therefore, they work appointments around work time therefor, they don't miss as readily. I also disagree that the main reason people leave the city is because of the schools. The citizens of this city have many options if they choose to not have their children attend Toledo Public. I also firmly believe it doesn't matter where you live or what school your children attend. It takes the joint effort of parental involvement with the teachers and so forth to produce great scholastic results.Things are not so much better in the burbs, they have their woes just the same, I know, I have a daughter who lives in the Anthony Wayne district and they have problems there just as we do here in Toledo. Again as always, it's been a pleasure to stir the pot and see what my fellow Toledoans have on their minds.
posted by louie1961 at 09:03 P.M. EST on Sun Jul 03, 2005     #

Confusion say: If you stir pot, make sure something inside to cook.

Nice try Louie, but ya still didn't answer my question. Had nothing to do with schools? Why else would 3,000 Toledoans create an exodus leading out of Toledo within the last year? I'd enjoy reading your opinion, really.

You brought chicken to a rib-off, Louie. The "A"-teamers have driven this city into the ground with their personal agendas and nobody can stop them until September, when Jack's and other "A" teamers replacements are voted into the primaries.

What I do know is it will be a really long summer.

posted by BrianInFlorida at 06:09 A.M. EST on Mon Jul 04, 2005     #

yes, louie, other schools have problems, but it's only the Toledo Public Schools that have a 68% graduation rate (latest figures I could find - 2002) compared to upper 80-98% percent for the other school districts with, no surprise here, 98% in Ottawa Hills.

Even AW and Oregon, not known for being higher income areas, had above 80%.

Take a look at out-of-wedlock birth rates in Toledo...above 40%. Stable families lead to stable communities and also impact the level of involvement of parents in their children's education.

I stand by my statement that the majority leave Toledo because of schools - but I'll modify it slightly...I'm sure that the majority of families with school-age children leave because of the schools.

posted by intrepid at 07:33 A.M. EST on Mon Jul 04, 2005     #

Absolutely people are leaving Toledo because of the schools.

I would no more send my daughter to TPS than the man in the moon. I am eking out the tuition to send her to a Catholic high school. It's worth every cent. I am not in a position to move at the moment but I am seriously considering doing that when she graduates. Unfortunately she's just an incoming freshman.

All the interaction with teachers in the world and all the infrastructure for success at home cannot possibly make up for walking through metal detectors, fights in the hallway or trying to fit in with other kids who lack that interaction or home support.

posted by thinkingwoman at 08:03 A.M. EST on Mon Jul 04, 2005     #

We are on track, while other big cities, such as Cleveland and Pittsburg have laid off hundreds of workers, Toledo has had very few.

That may be true, but I would have to ask at what cost? I myself have been subjected to a 7-year audit so that the city can shake me down some more. Iím just about to the point of saying screw everything and moving out of the city. You might say, tax evader, you deserve what you get, but I might say Iím taxpayer, what do I get? Shit schools and police that take 4 hours to show up. Sooner or later, I will move outside the Toledo city limits. When a lot of people like me do, you will end up with a mini Detroit, lots of big city problems, nobody left to pay the bills.

posted by mike2004 at 10:00 A.M. EST on Mon Jul 04, 2005     #

" will end up with a mini Detroit, lots of big city problems, nobody left to pay the bills."

That, my friend, is a scary scenario. As an ex-Detroiter (25 years in the city), your doomsday script hits very close to home (or at least my former home).

The exodus of Toledoans must be stopped before we wind up like the Motor-less City. Schools, employment, and crime have to improve before anything else, or dreams like amphitheaters and arenas are meaningless.

posted by historymike at 10:35 A.M. EST on Mon Jul 04, 2005     #

I,for one, appreciate someone who has the verve(better than stones, lou?) to state their opinions, hold their ideals close and not back down. Must be my fondness for pit bulls....

Anyway...Ford has done nothing for this city other than ride the wave that was created for him. He still, to this very day, refuses to meet with citizens in certain neighborhoods because, according to Jack, "they don't vote anyway, so it won't matter." Now, in my humble opinion, that is a foolish thing for a person in that position to say - and say in a mixed group of people.

Wilkowski? Hmmmmm....I'm going to hope that IF he makes it through the primary and into office that he doesn't lead Toledo down the same economic path as Rossford.

Carty - yes he can be abrasive as sand in your shorts. But if you look closely you will see a 'new and improved' Carty that has mellowed a bit and is a little more willing to listen. Never said he was a saint, but when you compare the die-hard love for Toledo, you can't beat his dedication.

Another option for Mayor???? Well..........if none of the candidates suit us then any one of us are welcome to get signatures on a petition and place our names on the ballot.

In short - Toledo's worst enemy at this point is NOT politics - IT'S APATHY.

My grandma always reminded me - if you're not part of the solution, then you must be part of the problem.

Just my view of things from......

posted by DoknowDocare at 09:50 P.M. EST on Mon Jul 04, 2005     #

ahem. Well, two of the rag's "columnists" have fired a first very mild salvo. Read the Lemonhead's comments on both Wilky & Carty-and, of course, he also gets his weekly barb in about his obsession, smoking.

posted by Foolkiller at 09:51 P.M. EST on Mon Jul 04, 2005     #

And, now that you've read his "column", here's from the same day (July 3rd)a "column" by Roberta the Bore (God, that's one ugly woman):

And it's only just beginning, folks. I could be wrong, but I believe You'll see my predictions were correct.

posted by Foolkiller at 09:57 P.M. EST on Mon Jul 04, 2005     #

"In short - Toledo's worst enemy at this point is NOT politics - IT'S APATHY."

A lot business people, developers, and investors are putting their time and money into improving Toledo with or without government's help. Toledo is improving and will continue to improve in spite of city and county government. The Toledo entrepreneurs aren't waiting around for the next great mayor.

posted by jr at 10:18 P.M. EST on Mon Jul 04, 2005     #

Carty's mission. His speech from last Thursday is also on that webpage.

Anyway, from his 34-List, points six and seven look good. I'd say nix point eight. If the other points are accomplished, Toledo won't need to attract new businesses by offering tax breaks. The city itself will be the attraction.

Point nine is scary for the rest of Lucas Count. By the way, point nine is unigov not regionalism. Point seven is regionalism. Point nine would be regionalism if it plans to include suburban communities in other counties besides Lucas.

Point 10 looks interesting. Will need more research on that. The word "chaos" comes to mind.

Point 16 seems useless to me. I don't get it. I'm not attracted to a city because of its entrance. The city better have more than a nice front door.

Point 17, potholes. Instead of worrying about fixing them sooner, why not come up with a way to reduce their occurrence. Concrete roads might help, but that blows the budget to hell and back a few times. Concrete is more expensive initially than asphalt, but over the long run, doesn't it save money? Doesn't the use of asphalt simply guarantee more construction work? Basically, point 17 is worthless. We're always going to have potholes. Nobody will notice that the potholes are fixed a week or two earlier.

Points 26 and 27 sound good. I'd like to hear how point 28 will be implemented. "Monitor" and "assess" according to who and what? I think point 28 is on the list to appease disgruntled taxpayers. Nothing will come from point 28. I wonder if Carty thinks we're getting our money's worth now from TPS levies?

Good luck with point 32. Creating a committee that's responsible for reducing our utility costs is easy to do, but having the committee actually succeed in its mission, come on. Are we to believe that if Carty is elected our utility rates might decrease? I think it's going to take a lot more than Carty to do that.

How many of Carty's 34 Points of Light involves some kind of tax increase? It seems to me that several of the items on Carty's list are also part of Mayor Ford's mission. I guess the Southwyck Mall, Westgate, Erie Street Market, arena, technology corridor, and Marina District projects will all move faster under Carty, right?

posted by jr at 12:03 A.M. EST on Tue Jul 05, 2005     #

Mostly Carty campaign hoopla here; to his credit, at least Carty has a detailed agenda, unlike some of the other wannabes.

#20 is good (monthly "Meet the Mayor"), though mostly in a populace-pacifying way. How many times has Smilin' Jack ambled out to meet the communities that make up Toledo?

Yes, tax increases are inevitable to fund Carty's schemes.

Of course, maybe the rascal will get lucky and inherit the office during a boom period for revenues. They have been trending upward the last 18 months or so (Go to page 40 for general revenue figures:

posted by historymike at 07:25 A.M. EST on Tue Jul 05, 2005     #

Edie: There were a few more instances of the "stealth" candidates in Toledo/Lucas County. And more than one time, they involved that guy who wore the 1930's "Dick Tracy" hats who owned an ice ceam store. Terry something or other-Schindling? Schandling? Anyway, he always said he was running a SERIOUS campaign, and really wanted to win. But every time he was on TV or radio, he'd always start the conversation with "Goood Morning, Boys & Girls." Serious....yeah, right. I know he ran in at least one mayoral race, and several council races-and influenced every one with the votes he took away. There was one instance where the incumbent councilperson was a complete moron, and would have lost...had it not been for this idiot. As he became a perennial candidate for various offices (but strangely, only the ones where the polls said it would be close), he influenced a lot of races. There was also a black woman who did the same thing on a few occasions-and ALWAYS when polls showed an incumbent's seat was in jeopardy. That other strange guy, Ed Emory, he ran against Kaptur once, did the same thing. The talk show hosts on WSPD used to make fun of him all the time. I can't count the times he siphoned votes by running as an independent, but at least I think his heart was in the right place.
posted by Foolkiller at 02:52 A.M. EST on Wed Jul 06, 2005     #

name is Terry Shankland and he's running again this year for council.

June Boyd is the woman...

posted by intrepid at 08:50 A.M. EST on Wed Jul 06, 2005     #

Anyway...Ford has done nothing for this city other than ride the wave that was created for him. He still, to this very day, refuses to meet with citizens in certain neighborhoods because, according to Jack, "they don't vote anyway, so it won't matter." Now, in my humble opinion, that is a foolish thing for a person in that position to say - and say in a mixed group of people.

Jack Ford can stereotype a neighborhood, but nobody else better stereotype or he or she is deemed racist. O.k. whatever. However some of those people in neighborhoods who donít vote, happen to be taxpayers. Sooner or later those taxpayers are going to be upset about paying Toledoís high tax rates and getting nothing in return. When they move out, the city is left with nobody to pay the bills.

posted by mike2004 at 10:42 A.M. EST on Wed Jul 06, 2005     # it just me, or does everyone else fell absolutely no sense excitement or optimism for any of the candidates running for mayor so far?

It just seems like the same tired political campaign. Not one of them has a bold vision for Toledo's future. Not one of them seems like the kind of leader I would want to follow...

it seems like more of the same: provide damage control while the area struggles not to go into a tailspin of economic woe.

posted by timault at 11:32 A.M. EST on Wed Jul 06, 2005     #

Well, timault, if you had your wish, who would you like to see run for Mayor???

BTW - I agree with you...same old same old. If you keep doing what you did, you keep getting what you got.

posted by intrepid at 01:37 P.M. EST on Wed Jul 06, 2005     #

name is Terry Shankland and he's running again this year for council.

Yep-he'd been gone for a while, so that means someone on council must be decided to be shaky. And it's an AT-LARGE seat-right?

posted by Foolkiller at 05:45 P.M. EST on Wed Jul 06, 2005     #

By the way....on the news today-did anyone else see that clown/puppet from the city saying Finkbeiner can't run for mayor, due to that infamous condo deal? I didn't catch the details, but he said "He can't run for mayor, it's against the city charter." Boy, Block & his "A" team must REALLY be worried about him (Carty) getting in again to pull this. Of course....if nothing gives Block an open door to rehash said condo incident via endless editorials (there will be more than one, trust me) & their "columnists."
Prediction: If, by some outside chance (doubt it, though), this ploy were to work, and Carty is forced to drop out-Wilkowski will also drop out-and you will have 4 more years of No-Doze & endless news coverage on TV of "Toledo's First Lady" (truly a first, as you never saw another one constantly in the local news-can anyone remember what the past mayors wives looked like?) You heard it first right here.

posted by Foolkiller at 10:55 P.M. EST on Wed Jul 06, 2005     #

If Jack being busted on the high level bridge, naked and whacked on crack, threatening to jump didn't keep Jack from being elected, then the $100,000's of dollars Carty made of that condo deal when he sold his condo to Owens Corning ain't gonna keep Carty from being re-elected. ESPECIALLY with the ONE person that could shed light on the whole thing is dead.

Carty BETTER be making that weekly pilgrimage to Edwin's gravesite and thanking Ed for being a fall guy.

posted by BrianInFlorida at 03:44 A.M. EST on Thu Jul 07, 2005     #

Yeah, I heard about that deal with No-Doze years ago. Block's rag & the TV stations buried it, though. Heard he also beat his first wife (also white) too, but that was never revealed either. None of it matters, anyway, 99% of blacks would vote for him even if he'd killed his first wife. But, I did say that I doubted this deal with Finky would have any legs. Block will TRY, but as someone said here, Carty's followers & haters are already too well established for much to be done about it.
posted by Foolkiller at 04:27 A.M. EST on Thu Jul 07, 2005     #

Also heard a while back that good ol' Stand Up Jack didn't pay his child support to wife #1 either. Can't say that's a verified fact, but got a chuckle out of it. Oh, the pious ones....
posted by DoknowDocare at 11:32 P.M. EST on Fri Jul 08, 2005     #

Sidenote: Still nothing new from Fritz Wenzel at Heartland Politics. His last post was May 27. He's working on his new business, I guess.
posted by jr at 11:41 P.M. EST on Fri Jul 08, 2005     #

Wenzel is being credited with the huge upset in Cinci area - Jean Schmidt winning the primary to replace Rob Portman - over Mike Dewine's son...that election is in August...

He's probably working on damage control now that it's been revealed that his client is one of the people who didn't report club seat tickets to a Bengels game sponsored by some biotech(?) firm out of California...

posted by intrepid at 07:43 A.M. EST on Sat Jul 09, 2005     #

Interesting info, intrepid.

"... said Fritz Wenzel, [Jean] Schmidt's media strategist."

Some kind of a posting from June 16:

" "Mean Jean" was in fourth place in the polls as late as Friday, and somehow, she pulled it off. Even she couldn't explain how it happened."

"But in Tuesday's so-called final edition of DeWhine's Daily Dose, it said with out spending $547,950 on negative ads distorting the truth beyond recognition about McEwen, Mean Jean would've stayed in fourth place where she belongs."

"At Clermont County GOP Headquarters in Batavia, "Mean Jean's" campaign manager Joe Braun deserved a whole lot of credit. So did his sidekick Fritz Wenzel, the former Toledo Blade political columnist who handled the advertising and media. Wenzel's brand new consulting business (Wenzel Strategies) just got a great big boost. Their victory was stunning."

A recap of a Schmidt-Hackett debate from the other day.

Dispatch story about Schmidt and her night out with dinner and a Bengals game. She should be given a break since, afterall, it was only the Bengals.

Maybe Rob "No Show" Ludeman will hire Wenzel. The first thing Fritz would order Rob to do is have Rob turn off his cloaking device. Being invisible is not going to win an election.

Like historymike said, at least Carty has an outline for improving Toledo, and he's made it available to the public. What's Rob's plan?

posted by jr at 11:10 A.M. EST on Sat Jul 09, 2005     #

I didn't know Rob was still in the race.

Oh I know I say that every time but it's true every time.

posted by thinkingwoman at 11:19 A.M. EST on Sat Jul 09, 2005     #

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