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    July 30, 2007

Taxpayer money for cosmetic breast implants? - I'll be honest...I thought that the person who told me about this was either joking or misinformed.

After browsing Google, it appears that there were several articles about this a few years ago, and I just happened to miss the media coverage for some reason. Anyone know if its still the case that family members of active duty military folks can get cosmetic surgery as a "perk?"

(Note - they are specifically referencing cosmetic breast implants...just because little Susie wants bigger boobs. Implants due to reconstruction after mastectomy are not considered "cosmetic.")

In 2003, there were 384 liposuctions, 288 tummy tucks, 261 breast augmentations, 135 facelifts and 69 nose jobs performed in U.S. military hospitals.

Using current rates, itís a tab of almost two million taxpayer dollars!

They say that its so military doctors keep their surgical skills current. However, in several of the articles I read, actual licensed physicians were disputing that claim stating that different skill sets are used in purely cosmetic surgery vs. trauma related reconstructive surgery. So, I'm not too sure that I buy the "keeping doctors trained" argument. Besides, if these military doctors really need something to do, aren't there people in this country going without necessary, lifesaving operations? Wouldn't that be a better use of taxpayer money than a few hundred boob jobs?

If a chick wants a boob job, I really don't care...her life, not mine. BUT I certainly don't want the money I bust my ass to pay taxes for going to fund it...let her save up her own money if the surgery is so important to her. :(

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Worse than that - taxpayers pay for transgender surgery too.(meanwhile, we try to deal with a $2,400. deductable on our insurance).

posted by starling02 at 06:36 P.M. EST on Mon Jul 30, 2007     #

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