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    March 20, 2005

Texan Relies on Bible in Israeli Oil Dig - Texan fundamentalist Christian John Brown is investing millions of dollars in an oil well near Afula based on the Bible. He quotes the Biblical prophecy of Moses that the tribe of Asher will "dip his foot in oil." The southern tip of the tribe's inheritance in Israel resembles a foot, according to Brown, who decided that was the spot to drill for oil.

His Zion Oil company is bringing in equipment to drill on the edge of Kibbutz Ma'anit near Afula, in the lower Galilee and between Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) and the Mediterranean coast. Several wealthy evangelical investors are to arrive for the dedication ceremony later this month.

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What a dumb shit! Doesn't he know that the "bible" is just a collection of stories? Doesn't he know that it's worthless information? Have they no value for science? Evangelical investors, indeed! I'm glad I'm not in on it.
posted by Chaz at 06:24 P.M. EST on Fri Mar 25, 2005     #

Maybe I should show him the heretofore unknown Gospel of Historymike: Chapter 7, verse 4:

"And then Jesus said: There is a veritable multitude of oil just under the surface of a certain double lot in Toledo. Yea, the righteous man shall deliver to the owner of this lot gold and silver, and the owner shall sell the land to the righteous man. For his faith, the righteous man shall reap a fortune in oil, and shall be wealthy forever."

posted by historymike at 08:22 P.M. EST on Fri Mar 25, 2005     #

Have you wondered why the USA has done nothing to make itself more energy independent since Bush was elected? No more nuclear plants. No effort to develop clean hydrogen power. No government-led wind or solar power plants - just OIL! Ever wonder why? Oh, yeah, I forgot, Bush and many of his cronies (see Saudi Royal Family) are in the OIL business. Yes, Bush wants us dependent upon oil, the lifeblood of his family interests. If not, the government would have increased CAFE standards several times in the past five years.
posted by Chaz at 06:56 P.M. EST on Mon Mar 28, 2005     #

The environmentalists oppose nuclear power plants. Marcy Kaptur never wanted Davis Besse to restart. She wanted Besse shutdown permanently.

In 2003, Taft signed lesgislation to prohibit drilling in Lake Erie. He and many others were duped by lies expoused by environmental groups. Canada has been drilling in Lake Erie since the late 1960s. When the public heard about the idea of drilling in Lake Erie, immediately they conjured up visions of black goop and dead fish floating on the lake's surface. The problem is, it wasn't about drilling for oil in Lake Erie. It was about drilling for natural gas.

The phony environmental report labeled Canada's routine maintenance of its natural gas rigs as accidents. That would be like you taking your car in for an oil change, which is routine maintenance, and then calling your insurance company and stating your oil change was an accident. The workers at Cedar Point do routine maintenance on the rides, but using the same thinking, the routine maitenance would be called accidents.

The reason why Canada has never had an accident in almost 40 years of drilling in Lake Erie is because of routine maintenance. Taft and other Ohioans bought the extremists' FUD.

Some vehicles are powered by natural gas, but we can't drill for it in Lake Erie.

Wind power? Please. Try again. Those wind mills are inefficient, they waste land, they're an eyesore, and they're an environmental hazard. They kill birds. Californian environmentalists that wanted the wind farms years ago are now opposed to its expansion. Back in 2003, Ted Kennedy tried to stop wind farm development off the Massachusetts coast because it would be visible from his compound.

Hydrogen-powered cars are at least 10 years away and maybe more fiction than reality.

Solar Power? Yeah, whatever happened to this idea from the 1970s? Why aren't the new soybean field homes equipped with solar cells to at least provide a tiny percentage of power? Seems like any bit would help. Is solar power too expensive and inefficient also?

Get a vehicle with a diesel engine and then use vegetable oil or something like that. It works. You'd be driving a Greasecar.

What about corn-powered cars? Ethanol. Again, isn't this an idea from at least 30 years ago? What happened to it? We pay farmers to not grow crops. Why not have them crow corn to power vehicles?

Coal, baby. The U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of coal. We need the technology to clean out the sulfur.

How about doing something easy that would have an immediate impact, such as lowering the speed limit on our highways to 55 mph?

Why not require new vehicles to get better gas mileage? I don't believe that we can't get any more mileage out of all-gas powered vehicles. In his book Stupid White Men, Michael Moore says Bill Clinton never required Detroit to increase the fuel efficiency of automobiles. Clinton was the first president since Nixon to be negligent in this area.

Look how the size of the vehicles increased during the 1990s. Bigger engines. More horsepower. The explosion in popularity of the SUV. The new vehicles have cleaner burning engines, but mileage-wise, they're not much better than 30 years ago.

posted by jr at 07:46 P.M. EST on Mon Mar 28, 2005     #

Look jr, my point was that the current leaders of the most technologically advanced nation in the history of the planet are doing NOTHING to make us less dependent upon foreign oil. I care less about the specific weaknesses of each current alternative. I care more about government apathy towards an explosive issue that will affect every American.
posted by Chaz at 04:52 P.M. EST on Wed Mar 30, 2005     #

Marcy Kaptur regularly proposes alternative fuel ideas. She's on the biobased fuel bandwagon.

"Think, for example, of corn turned into ethanol and manure into methane. Among other things, the farm bill called for federal agencies to buy biobased products, provided grants and loans for renewable energy projects, and funded research and development in bioenergy."

And there's this Kaptur initiative:

"Kapturís gotten 1.5 million federal dollars earmarked for a biodiesel pilot program involving Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority, Toledo Public Schools and the University of Toledo. ... an 80 percent mix of standard diesel and 20 percent non-toxic, organic oils that come from "biomass" sources such as soybean oil. Most diesel engines can run on 100 percent biodiesel with no adverse effects."

We're in farm country. Only natural for Marcy to push the biofuel idea. Sounds good to me. I enjoy reading Mother Earth News, and you can get a lot of wild ideas from that mag. May have to get a diesel vehicle someday.

Biofuel is probably too simple and cheap of a solution to be widely accepted and promoted. We want complex and expensive solutions. Universities and research orgs can probably get more federal money by doing research on hydrogen fuel cells. Like solar power today, 30 years from now, people will be asking, "Whatever happened to that hydrogen fuel cell idea?"

And this week there's a new bill that promotes the use of ethanol.

"One of the bills [U.S. Sen. Jim] Talent is co-sponsoring would create a "renewable fuel standard," essentially a mandate requiring refiners to incrementally increase use of renewable fuels - up to 8 billion gallons by 2012 - in gasoline and diesel sold in the United States."

"For years, Missouri politicians have touted ethanol derived from corn and biodiesel derived from soybeans as environmentally friendly fuels"

Corn and soybeans, not many of those crops grown around here. Actually, there may not be with the way we like to build homes in those fields.

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Maybe we need biodiesel and ethanol production facilities built here.

posted by jr at 05:55 P.M. EST on Thu Mar 31, 2005     #

The cover story in the current issue of the Toledo Free Press is about TARTA's planned use of biodiesel, which is a Kaptur initiative.

"... the [TARTA] study will be conducted by the Intermodal Transportation Institute at UT with three different fuels: low-sulfur diesel fuel (currently used in all of TARTA's fleet); ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel; and a mixture of 80 percent ULSD fuel and 20 percent methyl ester biofuel-soybean oil and yellow grease (primarily, recycled cooking oil from restaurants)."

"Vehicle testing will be conducted over a three-year period. The study will focus on differences in emissions, engine performance, engine wear, and operating costs."

"Pure biodiesel is made from organice sources such as soybeans. It runs in most diesel engines with little or no modification. Biodiesel is non-toxic, biodegredable, and emits virtually no sulfur. The growing vegetables used to produce biodiesel help negate the CO2 produced when the fuel is burned, thus creating a balancing effect that's impossible with oil. It can also be blended with petroleum diesel at any percentage level. Most importantly, according to Kaptur, it is renewable and can lessen dependence on foreign fuel."

"The buses in the Toledo biodiesel program will start with a mix of 20 percent biodiesel to 80 percent petroleum diesel, or "B-20." Many engines on the road run on pure biodiesel, B-100."

"Biodiesel has been questioned by a small group of critics. University of Minnesota professor C. Ford Runge issued a report, funded by the Minnesota Trucking Association, that predicts biodiesel will cost fuel consumers and suppliers more money each year. Other critics say biodiesel doesn't really reduce emissions. Instead of pollution coming from tailpipes, it will come from the power plants that supply the electricity used to process vegetables into fuel."

I don't understand that last argument against biodiesel. Don't we already have pollution coming from coal-fired power plants that supply electricity for whatever use?

posted by jr at 05:12 P.M. EST on Sun Apr 03, 2005     #

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