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    January 12, 2006

Olyimpics are a joke - Michelle Kwan and her representatives are trying to manipulate a roster spot for her on this years U.S. Winter team. i hope she fails. she has been unable to compete and quailfy. so to bad for her right. no says her backers. she should be given a free pass because of her past. i wish the organizers of this every four year nightmare would just go away. forever. no one really cares about seeing these sports. they have blurred the lines between amature and pro status. the bulk of the competitors take performance enhancers. it all needs to stop. especially before NBC runs those god awefull video biographies on the chosen few. and their cute backstories.
posted by Angrysage to sports at 2:44 P.M. EST     (5 Comments)

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Judging by the number of comments to this posting. i was right. nobody cares about the Olyimpic winter games. by the way. those bastards dropped Hughes for Kwan.
posted by Angrysage at 03:35 P.M. EST on Wed Jan 18, 2006     #

Olympics schmolimpics.

I like to watch the sports, but it's not worth the 40 minutes of warm fuzzy stories, sweater clad sportscasters/hosts, and the cliche in studio fireplace. The coverage is less about sports, more about entertianment, yep. I've heard the Canadian CBC is more sports oriented, maybe watch them.

The whole Kwan thing was bad, seemed unfair. I'm not much for figure skating and I'm sure it will be a prime time event. No watchie for me unless the skaters carry a hockey stick or something. Maybe juggle knives while jumping around. Blindfolded.

posted by Bruno at 04:38 P.M. EST on Wed Jan 18, 2006     #

"I've heard the Canadian CBC is more sports oriented, maybe watch them."

You've got that right. We had cable TV for the last winter Olympics, which I think were in Utah, and I watched the CBC because they actually showed the sporting events, and they seemed to have more coverage. The CBC was much better than whoever in the U.S. was providing the coverage.

posted by jr at 07:14 P.M. EST on Wed Jan 18, 2006     #

Thanks for the reminder re:CBC and Olympics. They covered more stuff and more interesting stuff.
posted by holland at 07:34 P.M. EST on Wed Jan 18, 2006     #

I just found out Michelle Kwan might have to pull out of the Olympics because of a groin injury. Word is she will not compete if she is not 100%.

Who was the deserving athlete that was supposed to go in the spot "given" to Michelle?

posted by BrianInFlorida at 06:30 P.M. EST on Sat Feb 11, 2006     #

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