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    July 17, 2005

Toledo Ice Basketball - I recently found out that Toledo is getting a Professional basketball team (ABA-American Basketball Association) called the Toledo Ice. They will be playing at the Seagate Center with the first game in November. There will be 20 home games, with tickets being around $10. It is ment to be a family-friendly event like the Mud Hens.

I'm sure starting a team is quite the undertaking, and with big media outlets like The Blade not even covering the story(I found out in the Point Place Journal), its important to let people know of the team. If you could tell your friends who might be interested to try and spread the word. I hope there will be more coverage in the months ahead so Toledo can have something else to be proud of.

posted by lloyd to media at 10:31 P.M. EST     (4 Comments)

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Thanks, for the information, I now know where I will be taking my grandson this fall and winter!
posted by MARIELORA at 11:08 P.M. EST on Sun Jul 17, 2005     #

This is great! I wish the Blade could pick up on great news like this. This is an example of the types of things that need to be encouraged in Toledo to help our city thrive.
posted by alexandra at 11:13 P.M. EST on Sun Jul 17, 2005     #

Written back in February, I'm sure more will follow. Televsion coverage has also been recent when the try out's happened. Several local players have been selected for the team.

posted by psyche777 at 02:02 A.M. EST on Mon Jul 18, 2005     #

Yeah, that's great that the Blade covered it. They have not updated it recently letting us know that a lease has been secured - I tried to do a search online.... Anyway, this article probably originally appeared on page 23H. The point is, the blade has more fun assisting in the descruction of people's lives.
posted by alexandra at 10:57 P.M. EST on Thu Jul 21, 2005     #

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