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    June 15, 2007

Opal Covey is alive and well and selling plants in south Toledo - In case anyone cares....

She sells cool houseplants and flowers relatively cheap from her home on the 2200 block of Broadway near the zoo just north of the viaduct. Very personable.

Perhaps she is most noted for this during a elevised mayorial debate:
“I’m warning you,” she said, in a speech that drew loud boos, “if you don’t change this government to God’s government, destruction will come, just as it did in New Orleans.”

We've had a few floods, Pastor Pitts liver got soaked, emo hi-water pants are almost in style... Tom Waits perhaps is only partially right when he hoarses the lyrics, God's Away on Business.

To elaborate:

posted by charlatan to commentary at 1:39 A.M. EST     (8 Comments)

Comments ...

Ironically, the prediction of good ol' "Crazy Covey" was exactly wrong, since Toledo's problems spring forth from an OUTFLOW of population and capital. Instead of invoking the image of the "Great Flood", Toledo is being subjected to the "Great Drying Up". (That must be why Toledoans seem to soak themselves in alcohol so often.)
posted by GuestZero at 10:15 A.M. EST on Fri Jun 15, 2007     #

(loves Tom Waits)

Opal once left me a voicemail with a prophecy from God (I was interviewing all the 2005 mayoral candidates).

I hope I didn't lose it; can't seem to find it 'round here. I sent a copy to Bob Frantz, so if you are reading this Bob, and you still have that .wav file of Opal's prophecy, upload it someplace and provide us the link.

It actually kind of scared the s**t out of me when I heard it. I had interviewed her the day before, and we had a nice chat about amusement parks and whatnot, and then she called my cell in the middle of the night with this... prophecy.

(being kind here; you never know the ways in which God works, right?)

posted by historymike at 11:19 A.M. EST on Fri Jun 15, 2007     #

What about all the cats - they still running around?
posted by billy at 12:35 P.M. EST on Fri Jun 15, 2007     #

Excerpts from a July 27, 2005 Toledo Free Press interview with Opal.

On hurdles Toledo must overcome: The biggest problem facing Toledo, according to Covey, is the aftermath she termed "decades of destruction."
"The old regimes should be known for what they were: forces of destruction," she asserted. "The corruption and moral failures of previous administrations must be cleaned up before we can move ahead."

On this issue, Opal makes more sense than one of the individuals featured in the June 8, 2007 Toledo Free Press Brain Gain article, which said:

"David said some Toledoans' negative attitudes are a negative aspect of the area. He said he hears pessimistic attitudes toward efforts in city affairs, including from some radio programs. “That's the most frustrating thing to me is these negative attitudes,” David said."

According to this brain-gainer, a big problem for Toledo is the citizens watching government and criticizing government's stupid actions. According to Opal, Toledo's biggest problem is inept government. Both could be right, since it's the citizens who elect and re-elect dunderheads. But that brain-gainer is way off base to imply that it's negative for concerned citizens to criticize government's moronic behavior.

More from that 2005 TFP interview with Opal:
On the city's budget: The city's finances are a major concern to Covey.
"One of the first things that I will do is to call for an audit. Where is all the money going?" she asked. "Nobody seems to know how the tax money is spent."

Toledo city government's solution is to force a new city tax on Toledoans, but they don't call it a new city tax. They disguised it as a garbage fee to bamboozle the public. Another solution by city government is steal private business.

More with Opal:
On city services: One of Covey's chief concerns is the condition of city streets.
"The roads in Toledo are terrible. How can we attract businesses and people with such awful roads?" she asked. "The money is supposed to be there, but the roads never seem to get fixed."

According to Betty Shultz, flowers in bloom about half the year will attract businesses to Toledo. From the May 2, 2007 Blade story:

"Ms. Shultz said she opposed the urban beautification effort when it started several years ago, but now considers it critical to attracting new businesses and visitors to the city."

More from the 2005 Opal interview:
On her most formidable opponent: Covey said that the "forces of destruction," or the traditional area politicians, desperately want to stop her from being elected. "Many people are afraid of Opal Covey being elected, not just one person," she said. "I represent everything the old regime doesn't want - change."

On her most recent vision: God gave Covey a message for the voters of Toledo last week. The candidate read the prophecy aloud:
"A blessed new government awaits you. This is the second and last opportunity to choose a new government for Toledo through My servant Opal, whom I have sent for the job. Toledo is dead; she will resurrect through Me. If you choose to keep the old criminal government that has been cursed for many decades, the city will be destroyed."

Mmmm, oh well. Still, when you add it all up, Opal probably make more sense than the people in office.

posted by jr at 03:53 P.M. EST on Fri Jun 15, 2007     #

We had just ONE collapsed sewer (amongst many flooding issues) cost just ONE Toledoan couple (of many families affected by flooding) about $100K in damage (so far), yet Betty Shultz thinks that "urban beautification" is somehow a critical topic. I guess that as long as the business owners are happy with seeing fucking flowers along the roadways, who really cares if their employees are flooded out of their homes?

Well, I can only blame ourselves ... for electing delusional dipshits like Betty Shultz. Here's more of her stupid shit from the same Blade article:

"The city looks beautiful and clean and those are two things businesses want," Ms. Shultz said.

Shultz, how clean does the city actually look with all those spoiled basement contents routinely placed out for collection? Oh, yeah, that's right ... you fuckers passed a "garbage fee" to take care of that. So silly of me to have forgotten.

posted by GuestZero at 07:50 P.M. EST on Fri Jun 15, 2007     #

and she's elected overwhelmingly year in and year out.

Just like that eddie murphy movie "the distinguished gentleman", a complete con man gets elected bases only on the campaign slogan "vote for the name you know"...

Same way the umpteenth Skeldon that's running now will be elected. The toledo sheeple know the name so he'll get the nod.

posted by billy at 08:04 A.M. EST on Sat Jun 16, 2007     #

Billy you forgot the names Copeland and Ludeman.
posted by MikeyA at 10:47 A.M. EST on Sat Jun 16, 2007     #

She doesn't have cats, just a dog named Matt, I believe.

Politics are all about product position and marketing.

I want Dan Lepkowski to run for Mayor under the slogan "Start packing." lulz

posted by charlatan at 08:44 P.M. EST on Sun Jun 17, 2007     #

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