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    July 26, 2007

Ohio Troopers Coalition - Anybody out there being pestered by the Ohio Troopers Coalition seeking a monetary contribution? I'm geting skeptical as to whether they are a ligitimate organization.

We donated once a few years back and ever since then they solicit us by phone (even though we are on the don't-call-list). They've called us twice in the last ten days. We have caller ID on our phone line but their number will not display.

And boy-oh-boy, you should hear the spiel they give you..."Good morning sir, how are you this fine day", "Thank you, God bless ya, blah-blah-blah". They really know how to butter you up.

Today I told them to knock off the BS and not to call us anymore.

posted by flinty to culture at 12:15 P.M. EST     (9 Comments)

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i just tell them im unemployeed at the moment and they hang up
posted by upso at 01:31 P.M. EST on Thu Jul 26, 2007     #

OTC is legitimate, but they license out the solicitation to a third-party firm. OTC gets a chunk of the money for their benevolent activities, but the rest goes to the telephone solicitation company.

This is probably not the most efficient way for kindhearted folks to donate to charities. While I don't know the exact split, I suspect that OTC gets less than 50 percent of what is collected.

If someone knows the exact figures, please weigh in for accuracy.

(historymike once worked for a few months as a telephone solicitor in the 1980s, and knows how shifty those places are)

posted by historymike at 03:58 P.M. EST on Thu Jul 26, 2007     #

Don't give money to any of these guys, Ohio state Police, Toledo, county or anybody. They get like 5% of what is collected. It's a ripoff... the solicitor gets the bulk of it.
posted by pete at 05:03 P.M. EST on Thu Jul 26, 2007     #

I've always given to paralyzed vets, firemen, & a local police charity that's supposed to be used for kids activities (keep them off the streets). But lately, I've been getting a lot of phone calls from a lot that sound like the same thing - but are different. I was told to only give to local units, because otherwise, little of the money actually goes to the cause. Now, I'm wondering if even that is true. I've also heard that there are charity scams disquising themselves as vets & police charities - don't know if it's true. I got 4 phone call pleas this week from different ones, and told them all that I've already given to 4 charities over the phone in the last 2 months (all police, vets, fire) - but they make you feel so bad if you don't give, so they get me everytime.
posted by starling02 at 10:15 P.M. EST on Thu Jul 26, 2007     #

The BBB puts out a news letter which rates charities by a set of criteria. I wish I had my last copy but I dont. You can call the BBB and they will gladly give you the info. They rank as satisfactory/unsatisfactory based on such things as % of donations paid to solicit, salaries paid , govt. filings etc. It's thorough.
posted by holland at 10:51 P.M. EST on Thu Jul 26, 2007     #

I always ask them to send me something in writing and then I'll decide. If they decline, then they've helped me make up my mind. If it's truly legit they'll send me something to back it up.

Speaking of scams and people who aren't scammers but into mind control --- interestingly enough, anyone see this show on the Sci-fi channel called "Mind Control" this guy is amazing.

posted by anotherblogger at 11:43 P.M. EST on Thu Jul 26, 2007     #

The BBB has a website too, Click on charity.
posted by mike2004 at 05:26 P.M. EST on Fri Jul 27, 2007     #

I always tell them that I work for a police department, so I see a better investment in just buying a coworker lunch.

That said, if anyone wants to do something nice for the police, send a card. They are appreciated. Call a local station and find out when rollcall is and order some pizzas to be delivered just beforehand. Hell, just being civil when pulled over would be enough for most local cops, whether TPD or another department.

posted by taliesin52 at 09:22 P.M. EST on Sat Jul 28, 2007     #

I never give money to an organization that contacts me. You don't know who you're supporting.

There are certain groups I do seek out to give my money to but I do try to educate myself on where they stand on issues if they do have a stance.

posted by MikeyA at 04:30 P.M. EST on Mon Jul 30, 2007     #

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