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    October 18, 2004

Finkbeiner supports Issue 4 - "A possible mayoral contender next year, former Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner, said he is going to vote for Issue 4 because he said it will help small bars and restaurants around the city, which he feels have been forced into an unfair competition with bars and restaurants in surrounding communities. Issue 4 would permit smoking in bowling alleys, bingo halls, and bars that receive less than 35 percent of their gross revenue from food - which means virtually all Toledo taverns - and in bars and restaurants with nine or fewer employees. Jack Ford's name isn't on the ballot Nov. 2, but he's out campaigning to defeat Issue 4."
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Voting to permit smoking inside any workplace or public building flies in the face of every reputable smoking research project ever completed. Second-hand smoke kills. It's a fact. Permitting indoor smoking so that local business owners can make a larger profit is irresponsible and unethical for a public official.

Many of the teenagers who today work in bars or restaraunts that permit smoking (illegally) will die later from exposure. Public leaders who permit this to happen should be open to prosecution.

But we knew that Carty wasn't playing with a full deck in the first place - right?

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Wasn't this the same Carty who said over a year ago that he wanted a county-wide smoking ban?
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The article that started the topic also said, "Mr. Finkbeiner said he would much prefer a stringent statewide ban on smoking in public places to local bans that cover Ohio on a piecemeal basis."

According to this blogger in a post dated 24-Sep-2003:

"I was even surprised to catch former mayor Carty Finkbeiner in the middle of an editorial, one day... to my surprise he was speaking out against the smoking ban. It was the first time I'd ever heard him say anything that wasn't stupid... but then he continued, and his position was that the smoking ban should be extended county-wide to keep smokers from hitting the suburbs to eat, drink, and smoke. Yep, Carty's still a dick."

Here's an interesting message board topic hosted by the Toledo FOX news station. The topic is about the Toledo/Lucas County smoking ban. It was started on 20-Mar-2001, two and a half years before Toledo's smoking ban started.

"Do you think the Lucas County Health Board should ban smoking in public places (like bars and restaurants) throughout the county?"

One commenter said on the same day the topic started: "I am a non-smoker and feel that this ban on public smoking will hurt business and the tax base." Toledo government nor the Blade will ever admit that the smoking ban is having an impact on business income tax revenue collection

Here's an idea from another commenter I've not heard of before: "I feel that the ban should be passed, by the voters, and that a "smoking license" be developed for bars and restaurants similar to a liquor license. This would allow bar and restaurant owners to attract either smokers or non-smokers and market their establishment accordingly."

Here's a comment I agree with from 29-Mar-2001: "Our world is becoming entirely too legislated under the government excuse of "for our own good" - If Americans are THAT stupid, we might as well just give up the fight now. Leave the decision to allow (or not) smoking up to the business owner."

Then there's this comment on 28-Apr-2001: "We need to get rid of Carty Finkbeiner he is a real fink!!! He’s completely full of himself and he is only Mayor of this crappy town called Toledo…"

So in 2001, a disgruntled citizen wanted to oust Carty, because of the county-wide smoking ban proposal?

Under Carty, the talk was over a county-wide smoking ban. Somehow under Ford, that got whittled down to just a Toledo smoking ban. What happened?

Local PBS station WGTE hosts a weekly show on Fridays called the editors, which discusses local issues with local people.

From the show's list of past guests and topics, the show on 13-Jul-2001 was about: "Guest: Stuart Kerr, Northwest Ohio Coordinator, Tobacco-Free Ohio, and Arnie Elzey, owner of Arnie's Eating and Drinking Saloon. Topic: Lucas County's proposed smoking ban in bars and restaurants."

From the 15-Dec-2000 show: "Guest: Lucas County Health Commissioner Dr. David Grossman, Dr. Murray Howe, Chairman of the Radiology Department at Flower Hospital Topic: Proposed health department regulation to outlaw smoking in all indoor public places in Lucas County."

A Blade article at dated 25-May-2001:

"Smoking will be banned inside all public places in Lucas County starting July 10 unless the ban is challenged in court, which supporters and opponents of the ban agree is likely. The Toledo-Lucas County board of health approved the smoking ban, with seven board members voting for it; one member voted no, and one abstained. Arturo Quintero, an executive officer for Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, abstained from the vote because "there’s still the issue of the legality" of the regulation."

"Mr. Quintero raised the legality question last month shortly before the board voted on the regulation. He said then that a review by the city law department had found a potential conflict with a 1987 Toledo ordinance that permits smoking in most cases in bars and restaurants."

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