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    September 13, 2004

Teacher's pay - "Nationally, the average salary for a teacher was $45,771. Ohio ranked 15th in the nation in average salary at $45,515. But the state ranked 27th for its average beginning teacher salary of $28,866. Michigan teachers on average took home nearly $10,000 more than their Ohio counterparts. The average teacher salary in that state was $54,020, which was the second-highest in the nation behind California. Toledo Public Schools pays $32,697 annually to a teacher straight out of college. Catholic high schools in the metro Toledo area paid an average starting salary of $24,506 last year. On the elementary-school level, the average starting pay was $20,925. The affluent Ottawa Hills school district offers a starting salary of $31,602 a year."

TPS pays a higher starting salary than Ottawa Hills for teachers with a Bachelors degree. But OH has a much higher average salary at $60,621 versus TPS's $45,968. With a Master's degree, the starting salaries between the two are about the same. With just a Bachelors degree and 27 years experience, TPS pays $55,577 and OH pays $53,091. With a Masters degree and 27 years experience, OH pays $70,788 and TPS pays $60,595. From the salary figures, it appears OH as a greater relative percentage of experienced teachers with a Masters degree than TPS.

The average salary for Ottawa Hills is tops in northwest Ohio and ninth highest in Ohio.

And according to the 2003-04 report card released last month:

"Toledo met seven of 18 state indicators, scored a 12.4 increase on its performance index to equal 75. Ottawa Hills Local schools scored a 105.8 performance index - the highest in northwest Ohio and third highest in the state. The district also met all 18 indicators."

Catholic school teachers are paid considerably less than public school teachers.

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A bit off-topic ...

"Ottawa Hills Junior-Senior High School and Toledo Public Schools' Toledo Technology Academy were each awarded the No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon award yesterday by the U.S. Department of Education."

"Ms. Mirrow said Ottawa Hills Junior-Senior High School is the only one in the country that has received the federal recognition three years in a row."

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Isn't it a shame that some of the most important jobs in our society, like teachers and social workers, receive some of the lowest pay? Those two occupations require a Masters Degree or at a minimum, a Bachelors degree. That's 4 to 6 years without pay in order to become qualified for those low-paying jobs. What a shame.
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