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    Saving Toledo Talk Login Information

If you select the checkbox to have this site save your login information, the next time you visit this site, you will not have to enter your username and password again. It's a convenience factor.

Your login information will be stored as a browser cookie on your computer. On your next visit to this site, your browser will send this information to the server, and you will be automatically logged-in.

If you will be accessing this site from the same computer, and it's a computer only used by you, then it's okay to have your login information saved.

If you use a computer that is shared with other people, then it's a good idea to not have your login information saved -- don't select the checkbox. If you do save your login information, and someone else uses the PC and accesses this site, they will be automatically logged in as you. They will then be able to post topics and comments as you.

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