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I consider myself a Conservative because I believe in the goodness of people and that people will ultimately make the best decisions when government gives them the opportunity to do so. Although socialism and libertarianism both make sense they are idealistic, impractical, and unrealistic. We have to be realistic, and the Republican Party is the party that believes in opportunity and that "you can" do whatever you put your mind to. My, perhaps cynical, view of today's Democrats is that they feel people do not process the intellect to take care of themselves and need to be told what to do

I am a news junkie, spending several hours between talk radio, cable news, local and national news sites and local blog sites every day. I consider myself to be very well informed on local and national politics and economic issues.

In my free time, I enjoy home improvements, eating, and spending time with friends. I am a precinct captain and member of the Central Committee of the Lucas County Republican Party, and am on the finance committee of the LCRP. I am a sudoku addict, completing several puzzles a day. I plan to join the Toledo Rowing Club in the summer. I also volunteer for the Walk Toledo Downtown historic tours, sponsored by the University of Toledo Urban Affairs Department.

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