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July 27

CNN/Youtube Debate Last Monday - This debate was probably the best I've ever seen. It wasn't a bunch of questions had tuned to how the media wanted to swing the debate but honest questions by real people. The answers were fun to watch. - More>>
posted by jshriver to politics at 9:48 P.M. EST     7 comments

Zsa Zsa's husband found naked in car - Frederic Von Anhalt Found Naked in Car
Friday, 27-Jul-2007 6:50PM EDT Story from AP / THOMAS WATKINS
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press (via ClariNet)
- More>>
posted by Darkseid to culture at 9:11 P.M. EST     1 comment

I'll just buy the Ford plant, okay? - So he's making lemonade out of a lemon, and then selling the juice back to the lemon. I love this guy!
posted by justareviewer to business at 7:28 P.M. EST     1 comment

The Nanny-State Diaries - Colorado
The Nanny-State Diaries
July 20, 2007
- More>>
posted by starling02 to commentary at 6:50 P.M. EST     4 comments

And after it's all said and done? The guy's STILL a nerd!! - Man Burns Down Trailer in Online Feud - More>>
posted by billy to entertainment at 1:29 P.M. EST     7 comments

Washtenaw County wireless plan lacks funding - Ann Arbor News story via Arbor Update: "The program known as Wireless Washtenaw has been implemented in three areas: downtown Ann Arbor, downtown Saline and downtown Manchester. No additional installations have been made while 20/20 Communications, the company working with the county, applies for a $14 million loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and tries to line up other funding." - More>>
posted by jr to technology at 11:17 A.M. EST     No comments     Post a comment

NASA reports drunk astronauts - Kinda gives new meaning to that old David Bowie tune!! - More>>
posted by billy to news at 8:40 A.M. EST     4 comments

July 26

Toledo Meeting in Second Life - There was a post a while back about Second Life and possible having people from Toledo meeting there for fun. I just installed it tonight, and a little confused over it's concept. It's a nifty world of sorts, but not sure how to get off "Orientation Island" no way to specify a server or meeting place.
posted by jshriver to entertainment at 6:10 P.M. EST     8 comments

Ohio Troopers Coalition - Anybody out there being pestered by the Ohio Troopers Coalition seeking a monetary contribution? I'm geting skeptical as to whether they are a ligitimate organization. - More>>
posted by flinty to culture at 12:15 P.M. EST     9 comments

Curt Schilling, recently calling Bonds, McGwire, Palmeiro, Canseco cheaters is in Toledo pitching tonight - Get to see a guy who allegedly painted his sock red to look bloody in the '04 ALCS pitch for the PawSox against the Mud Hens. - More>>
posted by charlatan to sports at 10:15 A.M. EST     No comments     Post a comment

Toledo's Law Director Asked to Investigate Possible Ethics Violations - The soap opera continues. Nothing these inbred bozo's do will ever be good for the citizens of Toledo, but at least it's interesting: - More>>
posted by billy to politics at 10:02 A.M. EST     12 comments

Possible Return of Neo-Nazis to Toledo - It appears that a neo-Nazi group led by our goofy old friend Bill White may be rallying in Toledo on August 17. - More>>
posted by historymike to news at 9:19 A.M. EST     18 comments

Bishop to Priest check - What do you know? The bishop pushes one priest out of his parish and appoints another to his place knowing all along his appointment has been having a sexual relationship with a woman he was counseling. - More>>
posted by bill to religion at 7:44 A.M. EST     4 comments

50 Years of History in 5 min - Thanks to Billy Joel and some dude from the University of Chicago with too much time on his hands. - More>>
posted by billy to entertainment at 6:17 A.M. EST     No comments     Post a comment

July 25

Another thing wrong with the world-Winston Churchill cut from British school curriculum -
posted by Darkseid to commentary at 11:52 P.M. EST     2 comments

How About a Credit Card Charging between 62.59% and 94.19% Interest? - Whew. I may have seen it all with usurious credit cards. - More>>
posted by historymike to business at 3:33 P.M. EST     16 comments

Anybody ever heard of Weigh Down Workshop? - Supposed to be a faith-based weight loss outfit. CNN had an article about two successful people that was interesting. Has anyone ever heard of it? - More>>
posted by billy to health at 1:56 P.M. EST     1 comment

Microsoft is Data mining TT - Was curious if my blog or subpages showed up in any of the search engines, even though I have them setup to not be indexed. Luckily google and others have respected my wishes, while looking I noticed I did pop up in - More>>
posted by jshriver to technology at 1:41 P.M. EST     1 comment

Carty requests that his salary be reduced and number of councilmen from 12 down to 8 - First, the story includes a link to a copy of the letter Carty sent to John Irish, chairman of Charter Review Committee, requesting the pay reduction and decrease in councilmen numbers. - More>>
posted by paulhem to politics at 1:33 P.M. EST     7 comments

Cigarette litter makes up 50% of litter worldwide - Always heard they weren't biodegradable.
This is from here. It's number 9.
- More>>
posted by charlatan to outdoors at 11:05 A.M. EST     41 comments

Tell Toledo - Just launched!!! - More>>
posted by transcom to news at 9:49 A.M. EST     8 comments

UK:What's in the water there these days? Rubber pool rings ruled unhygenic - Why the f**k don't we just raise children in a Goddamned plastic bubble?? - More>>
posted by Darkseid to commentary at 9:12 A.M. EST     2 comments

Toledo Public Schools discovers $18.2M surplus for new year - The revelation was a surprise to board members who passed a balanced 2007-08 budget last month that slashed teacher jobs because of anticipated enrollment declines and a predicted funding shortfall.
- More>>
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There's still hockey in Toledo - While the Toledo Cherokee have been around for some time, I'd think its following has been niche and smaller. But, today's Blade has a good story about the team moving up in talent level (Junior B to Junior A). - More>>
posted by miked918 to sports at 7:36 A.M. EST     10 comments

car break-ins along Alexis - Anyone else had a break-in along Alexis east of Jackman? I was at dinner when mine occured last week.
posted by Pi314C to news at 4:17 A.M. EST     1 comment

A new(er) energy process. A reason to create more trash, too. - - More>>
posted by charlatan to technology at 2:18 A.M. EST     1 comment

July 24

Central city project delay - "Toledo leaders allocated $270 thousand of your money to build townhouses in the Central City. Now one year after Mayor Carty Finkbeiner trumpeted the project, there's still nothing but an empty lot. The politicians insist it will be built. But the developer is nowhere to be found." - More>>
posted by jr to other at 11:27 P.M. EST     10 comments

Council members pave way for balanced-budget charter amendment - Ooooooh!!! Carty's gonna be pissssssed!!! - More>>
posted by billy to news at 5:52 P.M. EST     9 comments

Michigan following Ohio to a state-wide smoking ban. - I'm curious as to how Lucas County bar and restaurant owners feel about the possibility. Will it help business? Or does the nanny state syndrome make it worthy to appose smoking bans everywhere?
posted by paulhem to news at 2:39 P.M. EST     29 comments

Forms available online for Lucas County residents seeking to challenge property values - The Lucas County Auditor is now offering on-line "informal" property tax valuation challenges from those of us who find ourselves with sliding home values. - More>>
posted by paulhem to news at 2:09 P.M. EST     5 comments

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