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Anybody ever heard of Weigh Down Workshop? - Supposed to be a faith-based weight loss outfit. CNN had an article about two successful people that was interesting. Has anyone ever heard of it? - More>>
posted by billy to health at 01:56 P.M. EST on Wed Jul 25, 2007     1 comment

Anybody ever have problems sleeping? - Some nights, (last night for one) I can just lay and stare all night long at the ceiling for no reason. - More>>
posted by billy to health at 08:34 A.M. EST on Tue Jul 17, 2007     33 comments

Toledo Police Investigate Gang Violence After Fireworks - WTOL reports that shortly after the fireworks, Toledo Police say they responded to a shooting at Cherry and Seneca. Then a second shooting happened a short time later at Lagrange and Central. Police are also investigating the report of several assaults at International Park that were blamed on gang members.
posted by tekrat to health at 05:39 A.M. EST on Fri Jul 06, 2007     3 comments

The Price We Pay for Prescription Drugs - 569,958% markups? A nice tidy margin to play with. - More>>
posted by charlatan to health at 06:19 P.M. EST on Mon Jul 02, 2007     11 comments

One story, several packages...about children, women, and drugs - See how the news middlemen package a simple story from NEJM research. - More>>
posted by charlatan to health at 01:52 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 28, 2007     No comments     Post a comment

Got Dogs who fear fireworks?? - If you have dogs who get all shaky and nervous for fireworks, or thunder - try this. Go get some Peppermint oil - I got mine at Bassetts health foods (you need the real stuff, not just peppermint flavoring from the cake section in the grocery store). - More>>
posted by billy to health at 07:21 A.M. EST on Wed Jun 27, 2007     18 comments

Have a favorite hospital? This could change your mind. - The Federal Government has released comparative rankings for hospitals in heart care, pneumonia and surgery. The hospitals were evaluated against standards of reccomended care. A nationwide average was determined and hospitals are measured against the national average. You can search by state and county. The rankings are a real eye opener. Over the years our family has come to believe that Toledo Hospital can be a less than the best place to treated. Turns out to be true. Two of our local hospitals are considerably above the national average. How did our much touted teaching hospitalfare? See for yourself.
posted by holland to health at 01:12 P.M. EST on Sat Jun 23, 2007     5 comments

A solution to global warming amongst other things.... - From the author of this (he said please at the very end of his letter and it would be impolite perhaps rude to not abide): (points to
- More>>
posted by charlatan to health at 11:07 P.M. EST on Mon Jun 18, 2007     4 comments

Any UT students members of Rec Center? - Okay, this is probably going to sound odd, but here goes. - More>>
posted by Ryan to health at 09:14 A.M. EST on Mon Jun 11, 2007     6 comments

MADE IN CHINA...WARNING...DO NOT USE THE TOOTHPASTE - The FDA warns NOT to use toothpaste made in China as it contains a chemical used in ANIT-FREEZE! - More>>
posted by MARIELORA to health at 08:52 A.M. EST on Sat Jun 02, 2007     16 comments

Toledo YMCA going paperless: Thoughts? - I received a mailer the other day from the Toledo YMCA/JCC about it no long printing its program booklet. From the Y site, here are the details: - More>>
posted by miked918 to health at 12:12 P.M. EST on Tue May 22, 2007     8 comments

Long Term Care Meeting May 17 at Government Center - Someone said they heard there is a long term care meeting on May 17 at Government Center, but they did not have any details. Has anyone heard anything about this meeting? Thank you.
posted by jmoor7 to health at 04:38 P.M. EST on Wed May 16, 2007     No comments     Post a comment

BUSTED! By the Smoking Police - Just got our letter today that we were caught last week smoking in our small office! - More>>
posted by Plantman to health at 12:46 P.M. EST on Tue May 15, 2007     33 comments

Modern Health Care System is the Leading Cause of Death - Take this for what it's worth. - More>>
posted by charlatan to health at 01:13 P.M. EST on Thu May 10, 2007     9 comments

You wise medical types. Need some help - I've got a situation here. Not sure what to do. - More>>
posted by katie82640 to health at 10:29 A.M. EST on Thu May 10, 2007     28 comments

6 week gender test - So now they have a home test that can tell the gender of a baby at just 6 weeks. - More>>
posted by billy to health at 02:26 P.M. EST on Fri May 04, 2007     19 comments

YMCA - The YMCA is REALLY expensive. I finally moved this past weekend and have a nice YMCA maybe 1000 feet from my house, so I thought I'd check it out and get a membership. - More>>
posted by jshriver to health at 09:04 A.M. EST on Thu May 03, 2007     7 comments

SmokeChoke: Ohio Smoking Ban Violator Registry - A couple weeks ago, I was sitting in Brewed Awakenings trying to enjoy a cup of coffee, but there was a lady chain smoking in the other room using an ashtray provided by Brewed. It struck me that an online registry of smoking ban violators would be helpful to avoid situations like that. - More>>
posted by joshw to health at 09:51 A.M. EST on Tue Apr 24, 2007     126 comments

Governor Strickland Visits Toledo on Tuesday, April 23 at 4:30 p.m. at Mayores Senior Center (on South Ave. East of Anthony Wayne Trail) for Town Hall Meeting - Governor Strickland will visit Toledo on Tuesday, April 23 at 4:30 p.m. at Mayores Senior Center (on South Ave. East of Anthony Wayne Trail) for Town Hall Meeting. The focus of the town hall meeting will be on whether or not the state should expand the Homestead Tax Exemption Program so more seniors can save money on their property taxes. - More>>
posted by jmoor7 to health at 09:16 P.M. EST on Mon Apr 23, 2007     2 comments

Sorry Barok, no shovin' scissors into babys heads any time soon! - Poor S Hussein Obama. He "strongly disagree's with the supreme court's ban on Partial Birth Abortions. - More>>
posted by billy to health at 01:09 P.M. EST on Wed Apr 18, 2007     36 comments

MRI Procedure and diagnostic testing - MRI - a pleasureable experience. I wanted to pass along something positive for a change. I recently had to get a MRI study done. I had never had one done before and was a bit apprehensive. My doctor left the decision of where to go to me and my insurance so after some research I decided on a place called Progressive Wellness Imaging in Sylvania. All I had to do was call and they got me in the next day. It was a really nice place with a large warm waiting room, (and some cute girls). I only had to wait a few minutes and was shocked, normally you wait at least 30 minutes or more in a doctors office before they get you in. The gals there were great and they explained everything and let me pick my own music to listen to. I wanted to go to one ... - More>>
posted by outdoorsman61 to health at 08:37 A.M. EST on Mon Apr 09, 2007     16 comments

Your suggestions for finding a physician for my 80 year old mom - My mom's physician recently left private practice to work as a medical director at Hospice of NWO. Does anyone have any suggestions for a primary care physician who is good with senior citizens? A physician practicing in the south end, Maumee or Perrysburg would be ideal. Any ideas Toledo Talkers?
posted by corky to health at 10:22 A.M. EST on Fri Mar 23, 2007     6 comments

Bus Accident - I heard there was a bus accident recently and some kids were harmed. Anyone know what happened?
posted by jshriver to health at 11:20 A.M. EST on Tue Mar 13, 2007     6 comments

Place to work out in Toledo - Anyone know or recommend a good place in Toledo to work out that doesnt cost an arm and a leg?
posted by jshriver to health at 10:02 A.M. EST on Fri Feb 23, 2007     16 comments

TCP's 'Health and Wellness Guide 2007' - "Toledo is filled with businesses, health clubs and facilities, offering ways to improve both mind and body. There’s also a plethora of fun new ways to get in shape. From pole dancing to martial arts to Russian kettleball, this is your indispensable guide to breaking a sweat." - More>>
posted by jr to health at 01:58 P.M. EST on Thu Feb 22, 2007     1 comment

Men's Health mag ranks Toledo near the bottom - Found this at Glass City Jungle. "Our sixth annual ranking of the Best & Worst Cities for Men ... by crunching the numbers in 24 categories, including life-and-death data on cancer, heart disease, and stroke. We also looked at lifestyle issues, such as annual income and daily commute, crime rates and college graduation rates. Lastly, we ran a sweat check, looking at how often, how long, and how intensely men exercise." - More>>
posted by jr to health at 06:49 P.M. EST on Tue Feb 06, 2007     7 comments

Cure for Cancer Found by U of Alberta - Most promising cancer drug I've seen in a decade:: - More>>
posted by prime3end to health at 08:35 P.M. EST on Sun Jan 28, 2007     38 comments

Oral Chelation? Does anybody have any information about this? - There is alot of cardiac disease (plaque build up) in my Dad's side of the family. Hereditary chronic cardiac disease is what they call it. - More>>
posted by katie82640 to health at 04:20 P.M. EST on Mon Jan 22, 2007     5 comments

'Cleveland council seeks trans-fat ban' - "We now have Smoking Police. Are we ready for Crisco Cops? Cleveland City Council on Monday unanimously passed a resolution encouraging a ban here. The council measure does not carry the teeth of law. But it notes that trans fats contribute to heart disease, and it asks the city health department to work with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health to ban the fats from restaurant menus. Cleveland Councilman Kevin Conwell said he would push for a law. "Trans fat is a silent poison. It's killing people in the city of Cleveland," said Conwell." Hopefully, Toledo City Council will remember the rules of government and follow Cleveland's lead on this issue, so we can have more pride in our city.
posted by jr to health at 10:04 A.M. EST on Fri Dec 15, 2006     48 comments

Mumps at UT - An E-Mail sent to UT employees, students, and alumni...
Unconfirmed case of mumps provides UT educational opportunity
By Norine Wasielewski

A student at the Student Medical Center on the Main Campus of The University of Toledo is being treated for an unconfirmed case of mumps, according to Dr. Christopher Halasy, the Student Medical Center’s chief of medicine.

“This student is doing well and is receiving appropriate care,” Halasy said, stressing that there was no need for panic. He added that the case was an opportunity to educate students and employees about mumps and remind them to take preventative measures and exercise caution.

Halasy indicated that this is part of an ongoing situation as universities across the nation have reported 5,783 cases of mumps to the Centers for Disease Control from the beginning of 2006 through Oct. 7, with two confirmed cases regionally.
- More>>
posted by UTKev to health at 06:32 P.M. EST on Tue Dec 12, 2006     No comments     Post a comment

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