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Restore Dem Headquarters to the Original Cemetery Site - Montalto and Irish are leaving 1817 Madison Avenue. Strippergate and all. Redfern finally threw the bums out. - More>>
posted by Man_with_the_muck_rake to history at 07:29 A.M. EST on Fri Jul 13, 2007     8 comments

Trip down 80's TV memory lane... - So, I came across one of these on youtube. Next thing, one became two, then three and so on. - More>>
posted by lloyd to history at 10:38 P.M. EST on Mon Jul 02, 2007     5 comments

Interesting U,S, map - I found this intersting map while on They have taken each state and its GDP and matched it to a country with a similar GDP. Some of the other maps are interesting too. Hey Mike this might make an interesting link for your site as well.
posted by LTLOP to history at 11:23 A.M. EST on Tue Jun 12, 2007     5 comments

Downward Mobility in Toledo - I'm in a cynical mood today, so if the tone of this post on the soon-to-be-demolished Haughton Elevator Company is disheartening, consider the source. - More>>
posted by historymike to history at 02:40 P.M. EST on Wed May 16, 2007     6 comments

Refresh my memory - On the SW corner of Huron and Madison is an office building that was once called the Security Building. Can somebody give me the current name?
posted by flinty to history at 12:43 P.M. EST on Tue May 08, 2007     6 comments

Human Chain of Dignity & Justice - One Day to the Historic Event

It's the Human Chain of Dignity & Justice

Be a Part of History -- Bring Your Friends, Your Family, and Your Neighbors!

Come One Come All

See you at the Chain!

Where: One Government Center
Time: Friday, April 13th, 2007
Time: 4.p.m.

posted by katie82640 to history at 11:32 A.M. EST on Thu Apr 12, 2007     15 comments

Empire Building - While sitting at the stoplight at Washington and Erie, I noticed a semi-boarded-up brick building that was labeled the "Empire Building." Anyone know the history of this place? I was just curious as to what the building was used for during its heydey.
posted by mom2 to history at 06:32 P.M. EST on Mon Apr 02, 2007     3 comments

The Presidential $1 Coin Program - "The United States is honoring our Nationís presidents by issuing $1 circulating coins featuring their images in the order that they served, beginning with Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison in 2007. The United States Mint will mint and issue four Presidential $1 Coins per year. The new $1 coins were to go into circulation on Thursday, just before next week's President's Day celebrations. This time the Mint has taken a new approach to designing the coins as well as promoted them with the retailers, banks and transit systems that will play the biggest role in making the coins circulate effectively."
posted by jr to history at 07:59 P.M. EST on Wed Feb 14, 2007     15 comments

Searching for Vulcan, Ohio - A short photo-essay on the unincorporated village of Vulcan, Ohio. This was absorbed into the city of Toledo at some point in the past (I believe the 1920s or 1930s). - More>>
posted by historymike to history at 04:36 P.M. EST on Sat Dec 23, 2006     4 comments

Southwyck Mall - Can anyone tell me what happeded to the Southwyck Mall area? I know that the Mall had been in ruins and had been a ghost town. But I am a Toledo transplant and am living in Mesa, Arizona.
posted by Turboman to history at 07:51 P.M. EST on Thu Dec 14, 2006     34 comments

231 years ago tomorrow the government gave birth to one of the most feared military forces of all time. - 10 November is my birthday. I was born in a bar called Tun Tavern in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I am the United States Marine Corps. I have encircled the globe many times over. I come to the aid of America's citizens in every climate and place be it by air, land, and sea. - More>>
posted by MikeyA to history at 11:16 A.M. EST on Thu Nov 09, 2006     12 comments

Engaged History Lecture - Dr. David Roediger - The History Department of the University of Toledo will be hosting a lecture by Dr. David Roediger this Thursday November 9 at 7:30 pm entitled "How Whiteness Travels: The U.S. and Worlds of Race." - More>>
posted by historymike to history at 12:22 P.M. EST on Tue Nov 07, 2006     No comments     Post a comment

A Song In My Heart - And in my head. About two years ago, a song popped into my head from my childhood. I was probably between 4 & 8 when I last heard it. My Dad had it on real to real tape. I don't know who sang it except that it was a guy. Kind of like in Frank Sinatra style only even more of a Crooner. I'm almost even thinking it could be an Irish guy. It was probably from the 40's, 50's, possibly 60's. - More>>
posted by SherryET to history at 11:35 A.M. EST on Thu Aug 03, 2006     23 comments

Authors recall charms of the lively Toledo community - The best place - any place? GUN-Point Place?? - More>>
posted by billy to history at 10:57 A.M. EST on Wed Jul 26, 2006     10 comments

Lathrop House plans - "[A]rea residents gathered to hear details about renovation plans [by the Metroparks] for the historic Lathrop House. Information is being sought to help develop plans to restore the structure to its mid-1800s appearance." - More>>
posted by jr to history at 01:18 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 29, 2006     4 comments

Toledo's Old Buildings - Pythian Castle - My personal favorite of Toledo's old buildings is the Pythian Castle. Click the above link for a few photos. What is YOUR favorite historic building?
posted by historymike to history at 04:02 P.M. EST on Tue Jun 20, 2006     9 comments

Memorial Day - So what's going on in the area for Memorial Day? Anyone have any interesting plans in place to help them memorialize our fallen soldiers? - More>>
posted by billy to history at 06:59 A.M. EST on Fri May 26, 2006     50 comments

Does anyone know anything about genealogy ? - I am so curious about my grandparents' history. My cousin (through my paternal Gr'ma) has documented that family tree - but the other three - I know very little. - More>>
posted by katie82640 to history at 03:02 P.M. EST on Fri May 19, 2006     11 comments

Clothing - Does anyone know if the Bottom Half is still in business?
posted by Turboman to history at 03:41 A.M. EST on Wed May 10, 2006     18 comments

Northtowne Mall Pics - Does anyone have access to pictures of Northtowne Mall from its hayday? I've seen the abandoned pics on but can't find any pictures from when the mall was thriving.
posted by lloyd to history at 11:41 A.M. EST on Mon May 08, 2006     10 comments

Historic Ohio - Where are we? - After another eye-opening tour of the Casey Pomeroy mansion (yep! here in Toledo's north end) I wanted to see how many other of Toledo's beautiful old buildings were included in the historic listings. Disappointingly enough..... - More>>
posted by DoknowDocare to history at 10:28 A.M. EST on Sun May 07, 2006     2 comments

Downtown Toledo Walking Tours - This is a little early, but I wanted to give everyone a "heads up." These tours are pretty neat, and the volunteer tour guides are quite knowledgeable. - More>>
posted by lloyd to history at 02:49 P.M. EST on Fri Apr 28, 2006     No comments     Post a comment

Great Black Swamp Settlement and Endemic Malaria - This is the latest excerpt from my research endeavor into the disease history of the Great Black Swamp. Feedback is always appreciated. - More>>
posted by historymike to history at 07:44 P.M. EST on Thu Apr 20, 2006     16 comments

Looking for critical feedback - I am plowing through a research project / literary labor of love, and am looking for feedback. - More>>
posted by historymike to history at 07:37 P.M. EST on Fri Mar 17, 2006     24 comments

Old days in toledo - I'm 64 myself, laddy. You aren't missin' too much. You actually left when things were still pretty good here for the majority of people. One of, if not the chief cause of, the town's problems is the lack of jobs now, which began to happen in the 80's. I doubt if you'd recognize much if you came back & looked around. Champion & DeVilbiss are gone, along with many others. Factories, local retail stores, buildings,a lot gone, not too much resemblance to the way you'd remember it. Three of the malls are dead-Southwyck,Northtowne, & Woodville.Still have the zoo & the museum, thank God, but the museum is in a part of town that's slowly decaying around it. And as long as the same politicians keep getting re-elected, although I like to have hope, the future is not looking good at present. The riots occured mainly because the powers-that-be were stupid ... - More>>
posted by Patrick to history at 03:45 A.M. EST on Thu Feb 16, 2006     3 comments

Old School - Hello. I was born in Toledo in 1948, and lived there till 1971. I'm a graduate of Scott High School, University of Toledo, and Ohio State. I no longer have any relatives in Toledo. I now live in southern california. I was appalled reading about the riots a while back. Things sure seem to have changed since I lived there. Are there any otherv 40 or 50 year olds on this board?
posted by Patrick to history at 03:02 A.M. EST on Tue Feb 14, 2006     21 comments

What is the Progressive opinion of GHW Bush and Richard Nixon? - To my surprise, some of my progressive professors at UT seem to have favorable opinions of GHW Bush (41) and Richard Nixon. As expected, they have unfavorable opinions of Reagan and GW Bush (43). The favorable opinions seem to stem around the following issues: - More>>
posted by lloyd to history at 07:03 P.M. EST on Thu Jan 26, 2006     9 comments

Lathrop House Sits...And Waits - I have a short photo-essay on the Lathrop House on my blog today. I am concerned about what appears to be inactivity at the historical site; does anyone know about the Metropark system's plans?
posted by historymike to history at 12:22 P.M. EST on Fri Dec 30, 2005     7 comments

When did you stop believing? - I wasn't fooled by him at all: I knew he was a phoney from the get-go. All of that blustering, that swagger, those odd facial tics, his background of ineptness and alcoholism. - More>>
posted by limedrops911 to history at 08:27 A.M. EST on Tue Dec 20, 2005     41 comments

30th Anniversary of the Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald - OK - for those of us old enough to have a memory of this - where were you when you heard about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald? How did it affect you, if at all?
(this post inspired by Lisa Renee's blog entry last night)

posted by historymike to history at 06:31 P.M. EST on Thu Nov 10, 2005     12 comments

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