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Browns fans face radio shutout; no local stations to carry games - Good God! What, we can only listen to Lions games now??
posted by billy to sports at 09:47 A.M. EST on Fri Aug 03, 2007     4 comments

Curt Schilling, recently calling Bonds, McGwire, Palmeiro, Canseco cheaters is in Toledo pitching tonight - Get to see a guy who allegedly painted his sock red to look bloody in the '04 ALCS pitch for the PawSox against the Mud Hens. - More>>
posted by charlatan to sports at 10:15 A.M. EST on Thu Jul 26, 2007     No comments     Post a comment

There's still hockey in Toledo - While the Toledo Cherokee have been around for some time, I'd think its following has been niche and smaller. But, today's Blade has a good story about the team moving up in talent level (Junior B to Junior A). - More>>
posted by miked918 to sports at 07:36 A.M. EST on Wed Jul 25, 2007     10 comments

Michael Vick indicted - This guy and his brother have always just missed the reach of the long arm of the law. It now appears he will get caught on this one. - More>>
posted by MikeyA to sports at 01:38 P.M. EST on Wed Jul 18, 2007     26 comments

Toledoans in the U.S. Senior Open - Toledoans Judd Silverman and Alan Fadel are participating in the U.S. Senior Open golf championship at Whistling Straits Golf Club in Kohler, Wis. - More>>
posted by jr to sports at 07:41 P.M. EST on Thu Jul 05, 2007     4 comments

Mud Hen's player is charged with felonious assault against teammate! - First we have road-rage, now we have Club House rage. The player on the recieving end had facial injuries that require surgery. It's getting a little scary around here.
posted by paulhem to sports at 02:54 P.M. EST on Fri Jun 29, 2007     6 comments

Looking for fall league for softball - I am looking for a slow pitch, girls softball league for this fall. My daughter(age 9) is finishing her season and wants to keep playing, any ideas?
posted by marlos to sports at 10:52 A.M. EST on Wed Jun 27, 2007     2 comments

Savage Hall arena plans - "In just a few months, University of Toledo's athletic department will start a $30-million renovation of Savage Hall. Construction will begin outside the stadium even during this basketball season." (Click here for renderings of the new Savage Hall.) - More>>
posted by jr to sports at 04:51 P.M. EST on Tue Jun 26, 2007     3 comments

Rocket football makes history, the good kind - While perusing the ESPN web site they have Chuck Ealey's victory in the Tangerine Bowl as the #89 of the greatest moments in college football. Ya' gotta love it when the hometown boys make good. Even ESPN states that Ealey had the "most successful career in college history", yet he is not in the College hall of fame. Might this change the thinking now that the major sports outlet has even acknowleged this feat?
posted by LTLOP to sports at 09:35 P.M. EST on Mon Jun 25, 2007     No comments     Post a comment

UT's Athletic department is ordered to reorganized by the university president - It looks like the betting scandal has brought some attention on the athletic dept.? Anyway, The Blade is reporting a major reorganization. The cool part The Blade's web posting is the ability to download the pdf with UT memos and listen to an mp3 of Dr. Jacobs in the interview for the article.
posted by paulhem to sports at 03:43 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 14, 2007     1 comment

Arena Meetings? - I heard a blurb on the news that there are meetings scheduled with Lucas County officials to discuss the arena project. I can't find the schedule on-line. - More>>
posted by Spaceace to sports at 12:05 P.M. EST on Mon Jun 11, 2007     14 comments

You guys like online voting polls, right? - Toledo's numbah one sports blogger is one of the entrants in the first annual Hot Blogger Bracket. This guy would sure love to have your vote. - More>>
posted by mattsussman to sports at 12:57 P.M. EST on Wed Jun 06, 2007     5 comments

Steelers' coach hits send, then 'oops!' - Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Line Coach Larry Zierlein accidently forwarded a sexy/raunchy video to NFL personnel (including the commish) that had been sent to him. - More>>
posted by miked918 to sports at 10:30 P.M. EST on Thu May 31, 2007     1 comment

Mudhens mens bathroom - gross! - Had an awesome time at the Mud Hens game this past Sunday night, until I went into the bathroom. Is it always like that? The floor had like a half inch of, well, pee on it, and it stunk really bad. I almost fell down trying to walk through it. Do people have that much of a problem hitting the toilet? Maybe there was a leak or an over flowing toilet or something, but dang, I would have been pretty mad if I would have fallen, I was able to catch my balance.. I was imagining if I did fall, my wife would have made me sit a few seats away from her I'm sure.
posted by robg to sports at 10:30 A.M. EST on Tue May 29, 2007     11 comments

where to find handlebars... - short story...I'm looking for the bike handlebars that used to go with the old 'banana boat seat' kids bicycles. - More>>
posted by MaggieThurber to sports at 03:32 P.M. EST on Fri May 25, 2007     4 comments

MEXICO DROPS OUT OF OLYMPICS - President Felipe Calderon of Mexico has announced that Mexico will not participate in the next Summer Olympics. - More>>
posted by flinty to sports at 08:28 P.M. EST on Thu May 10, 2007     11 comments

R.I.P. Toledo Storm - A hearty thanks to Coach Nick Vitucci and his staff, and all of the Toledo Storm players -- past and . . . past, I guess, since there is no more present. (And, on behalf of my oldest son, good luck Matt Zultek!) - More>>
posted by miked918 to sports at 09:50 P.M. EST on Sun Apr 22, 2007     3 comments

Join the liveblog of Mud Hens Opening Night - I'll be sitting somewhere (press box? somewhere in the seats?) bringing you mostly-live coverage of the Mud Hens 2007 home opener against the Durham Bulls tonight. - More>>
posted by mattsussman to sports at 01:08 P.M. EST on Fri Apr 13, 2007     13 comments

More Rocket Troubles - Richard Davis showed up at a house at 4:30am, with a shotgun in hand and a pistol in his car. He was presumably going to scare a fellow teammate with whom he had a dispute. - More>>
posted by TheTalentedMrC to sports at 04:15 P.M. EST on Thu Apr 12, 2007     3 comments

University of Toledo point-shaving scheme? - Compling a list of stories here. "A criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit said the player, Harvey “Scooter” McDougle Jr., 22, a senior, recruited football and basketball players to participate in the scheme spearheaded by a Sterling Heights man identified only as “Gary.” The alleged scheme stretched from fall 2003 through winter 2006, the complaint alleges." - More>>
posted by jr to sports at 06:36 P.M. EST on Fri Mar 30, 2007     10 comments

Fishing - When is the best time to go walleye fishing in/around Toledo? I've heard that the maumee is a hotspot for fisherman around spring time. Just not sure when and where. :) - More>>
posted by jshriver to sports at 01:42 P.M. EST on Wed Mar 14, 2007     8 comments

The wings buy em a thug!! - The Red Wings are all set to welcome newcomer Todd Bertuzzi. They've even given him former captain Steve Yzerman’s old stall, next to Henrik Zetterberg - More>>
posted by billy to sports at 09:20 A.M. EST on Thu Mar 01, 2007     3 comments

Ohio 70, BG 67 -- women lose first home game in 2 years - The 18th-ranked BGSU Falcons had their 17-game win streak snapped after the Ohio Bobcats shot well above 50 percent for the upset. - More>>
posted by mattsussman to sports at 06:50 P.M. EST on Sat Feb 24, 2007     No comments     Post a comment

Toledo Storm Logo? - While pondering possibly going to a Storm game soon, it occurred to me that I thought the Storm's 15th Anniversary logo was supposed to eventually morph into a new primary logo for the team, replacing that God-forsaken MS Paint job they use now. What happened to this? - More>>
posted by TheTalentedMrC to sports at 06:30 A.M. EST on Fri Feb 23, 2007     4 comments

UT men's hoops win West Division - A gutty win Thursday night at NIU gives the UT men's basketball team the MAC West Division title, and it guarantees the Rockets at least a #2 seed in the MAC tourney in Cleveland in a couple of weeks. With three games left, the Rockets have a good chance of winning the MAC regular season title. "Toledo is currently tied with Akron for the best record in the conference." The ultimate goal, however, is winning the MAC tournament and making the NCAA tourney. "It's been a long time, 27 years to be exact, since the University of Toledo men's basketball team played in the NCAA Tournament."
posted by jr to sports at 10:22 P.M. EST on Thu Feb 22, 2007     1 comment

You ya pickin' for the Super Bowl? - Of course, 20,000 Colts-Bears simulations can't be wrong, right? - More>>
posted by miked918 to sports at 08:12 A.M. EST on Fri Feb 02, 2007     14 comments

Great, now who's gonna get in fights for the Storm? - Week old news is still news when I just heard about it today. Storm defenseman Paul Crosty, the ECHL (unofficial) leader in fights with 15, was promoted to the Manchester Monarchs last week. So far in a week's action he's already picked one fight in the AHL. - More>>
posted by mattsussman to sports at 12:07 A.M. EST on Wed Jan 24, 2007     1 comment

Rod Chudzinski--A Toledo Native--Hired as Browns Offensive Coordinator - Keepin tabs on the Browns, I came across this today. The article states that he is a Toledo native. Rod---Please Help.
posted by jdmsbyrd to sports at 06:02 P.M. EST on Sat Jan 20, 2007     4 comments

OnSports w/ JP & Kevin on 1230 WCWA - Have you heard these two over the last few weeks trying to get support for girls/guys Friday night high school basketball double headers for the city league. What a great idea. - More>>
posted by fish4 to sports at 03:44 P.M. EST on Fri Dec 15, 2006     1 comment

Any Blue Jackets Fans? - As I listened to Columbus' 5-game win streak come to an end last night against Phoenix, it occurred to me that I was probably the only one bummed by the news. It's hard enough to be a hockey fan alone, but the NHL has flat-out locked the Blue Jackets out of Toledo, keeping us in cahoots with Detroit. - More>>
posted by TheTalentedMrC to sports at 02:48 P.M. EST on Fri Dec 15, 2006     2 comments

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