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The Blade's new billboard mascot... - "Guaranteed Home Delivery" and then a huge photo of a cock? Seems like they could have come up with something better than a rooster
posted by drago to media at 05:15 P.M. EST on Sun Jul 22, 2007     10 comments

LIVE EARTH - Al Gore rocks, huh? - Melissa Etheridge...check please
posted by justareviewer to media at 07:27 P.M. EST on Sat Jul 07, 2007     5 comments

Carty questions the TFP's balls - July 6 opinion by Toledo Free Press editor Michael Miller: "Carty Finkbeiner called this week, unhappy with our July 1 story about Thomas Morrissey's recall effort hitting the 5,000 signature mark. [Carty] called in to question my news judgment in reporting the group's progress. During the mayor's conversation with Toledo Free Press Publisher and President Thomas Pounds, the mayor implied we lack what my Libbey High School football coach Dave Merritt used to call “testicular fortitude.” " - More>>
posted by jr to media at 06:39 A.M. EST on Fri Jul 06, 2007     11 comments

Buckeye Internet and Phone Disruptions - I saw a topic about Buckeye internet/phone outages but it was too old to add comments. Here are my recent comments which encompass June 24, 2007 to July 1, 2007. - More>>
posted by fns-jr to media at 12:06 P.M. EST on Sun Jul 01, 2007     8 comments

Toledo Talk's BrianinVero gets mention in Today's Toledo Free Press - On page A17, in the Toledo Free Press Media Watch, former Blade Columnist Russ Lemon is interviewed and mentions that since leaving Toledo for West Palm Beach, Florida, that he has run into former Toledoans George Burton and "BrianinVero" of the "Toledo Talk blog." Way to go Brian. For some reason, I get the Free Press delivered on Saturday, so I don't think the links are up yet, but well done sir. Please, let us know the details of your encounter if you read this. Also, this is a good plug for Toledo Talk.
posted by junta330 to media at 11:11 P.M. EST on Sat Jun 30, 2007     11 comments

Sandusky Register Publishes CCW Lists - In his infinite wisdom (and no doubt an attempt to bolster circulation) the Editor of the Sandusky Register, Matt Westerhold, published a comprehensive list of concealed weapons licensees for the counties served by the Register. (You may recall that WNWO Channel 24 also did this awhile back to bolster their ratings. Ummmm...still not doing too well, are they?) - More>>
posted by Plantman to media at 02:46 A.M. EST on Sat Jun 30, 2007     11 comments

News coverage of tonight's storm - The storm(s) that rolled through around dinnertime tonight produced some thunder, lightning and somewhat heavy rain. At 6:30, Channel 11 was still on the air with special coverage. I turned to Channel 13 and they weren't covering it, the national news was on. I don't know how long 11 was on with the coverage because I turned it off. Now come on - this was your typical storm that pops up during the summer in muggy weather. Now I suppose WTOL will be on the air with commercials tomorrow saying how they were the only channel to provide special coverage. I am getting so tired of it! Anybody else with me?
posted by dell_diva to media at 09:09 P.M. EST on Wed Jun 27, 2007     13 comments

2007 Allied Media Conference - Jun 22-24, Detroit. "The AMC brings together a unique cross-section of media workers, community organizers, daring filmmakers, ambitious radio producers, serious publishers, skilled web designers, and artists whose work "makes revolution irresistible." This year's theme focuses on participatory media." - More>>
posted by jr to media at 09:02 A.M. EST on Wed Jun 20, 2007     2 comments

Walton's reflections - ("Thomas Walton will retire June 30 as Editor and Vice President of The Blade.") Walton writes: "On the whole, I would not have traded being a witness to history for any other job I could imagine. I've met presidents and movie stars, heroes and cowards, millionaires and homeless, scoundrels and crooks, and even a king and queen. I found them all fascinating, just not for the same reasons." - More>>
posted by jr to media at 12:22 P.M. EST on Tue Jun 12, 2007     9 comments

Man in wheelchair has 'ride of a lifetime' - This story blew my mind. I don't know what is more amazing- the fact that this actually happened or that the man in the wheelchair was not killed.
posted by nick44 to media at 11:02 A.M. EST on Thu Jun 07, 2007     11 comments

Greg Palast on The Nookular Option - Be sure to tune into The Nookular Option (WXUT radio, 88.3 FM, 6-8 AM) on Thursday, May 31st. Our special guest will be NY Times best selling author Greg Palast. Among the many topics we’ll be discussing is how the 2008 election has already been stolen. We’ll also talk about Greg’s book, Armed Madhouse. You can listen to the show live on if you’re not by a radio. Or check out the podcast of the show on our blog at It should be a great show!
posted by Chris99 to media at 06:02 P.M. EST on Mon May 28, 2007     11 comments

Blade to meet with unions in Cleveland this weekend - I'm surprised that I haven't seen this posted yet. Not information that has been released publicly yet, but there are enough posters on the board with ties to either the Blade or to the unions that I'd have figured someone would have leaked the info here already.
posted by mom2 to media at 11:50 A.M. EST on Fri May 18, 2007     12 comments

Greensburg, Kansas Tornado: Allan Detrich First on the Scene - Less than a month after resigning in disgrace from the Blade, he and his storm chasing crew were first on the scene of the devastating tornado in Greensburg, Kansas. That's got to be the fastest recovery from scandal that anyone has ever pulled off without seeking forgiveness from Jesus. - More>>
posted by thenick to media at 01:29 P.M. EST on Sat May 05, 2007     3 comments

"Eye" Host "Suspended?" - Word on the street is that the host of Eye On Toledo, Kevin Milliken , has been suspended from his duties by the Wilson's, who seem to run the place. For the time being Free Press Editor Michael Miller, will be doing the show.
posted by tiger to media at 03:38 P.M. EST on Tue Apr 24, 2007     12 comments

Pulitzer Winner from Sylvania - Pretty cool
posted by tgramsam to media at 09:03 A.M. EST on Tue Apr 17, 2007     3 comments

Sunday's Blade to include review of Detrich photo submissions - As much as I would like to believe Allan Detrich's side of the Bluffton baseball team photo controversy, I am having my doubts . . . . An excerpt from the above linked Editor & Publisher story: - More>>
posted by miked918 to media at 12:23 P.M. EST on Fri Apr 13, 2007     9 comments

Blade photographer resigns over altered photo - "Last week Detrich admitted manipulating a photograph that ran on the front page of the Blade, but said he meant to use the doctored photo for personal use and transmitted it to the paper by accident. In an e-mail Monday, Blade assistant managing editor for administration Luann Sharp said Detrich had resigned effective April 7. Detrich said he was planning to start a new business with two friends. He described the venture as a weather disaster training service, a project not related to photography. Detrich has been writing about his situation on his personal blog, PictureThis." - More>>
posted by jr to media at 07:42 P.M. EST on Mon Apr 09, 2007     22 comments

Mornings Suck! But now they suck less with "Toledo Today" - To prove it listen between 8am-9am beginning Monday Apriul 2 for your chance to win an Oreck XL2800 vacuum, with a built in FM radio ($429.95 value). - More>>
posted by radiovet to media at 02:27 P.M. EST on Mon Mar 26, 2007     18 comments

Toledo Storm allegedly sold to Mudhens organization - Exclusive was broke live on the air on Supertalk 1560's "Toledo Today with Tom Watkins". - More>>
posted by radiovet to media at 03:49 P.M. EST on Wed Mar 21, 2007     9 comments

Here's your chance to talk retirement on TV and Radio. - Next Tuesday March 27th at 4:30 PM at The Pinnacle in Maumee, I'm hosting a workshop on "The 9 little known money traps that routinely cost retiree's thousands" and you have a chance to be on radio and/or TV. It’s going to be a follow up from the radio show discussions I’ve had on my Retirement Guys Radio Show, which airs every Sunday at 8 AM on 1370 WSPD. - More>>
posted by RetirementGuys to media at 09:25 P.M. EST on Mon Mar 19, 2007     3 comments

Supertalk 1560's Tom Watkins profiled in this week's Free Press - Great read!
posted by radiovet to media at 03:32 P.M. EST on Fri Mar 16, 2007     1 comment

Journalism’s Need for New Models - "The Project for Excellence in Journalism has issued its annual State of the News Media report. The report is lengthy and detailed, a must-read for anyone who cares about the present and future of journalism. This year’s identifies seven major trends. (The report calls them new trends even though they are not new, but that’s a quibble.) The trends are:" - More>>
posted by jr to media at 03:47 P.M. EST on Mon Mar 12, 2007     9 comments

Polka Party celebrates 60 years on the air - Sharon Zablocki, hostess of the long runnning "Sharon & Chet's Polka Party" on WTOD AM 1560 will celebrate Ohio's longest running local show April 29th. - More>>
posted by radiovet to media at 12:06 P.M. EST on Sun Mar 11, 2007     4 comments

Supertalk 1560 gets FCC gift - With the early daylight savings time March 11 (Spring ahead!) the FCC's computers have been having difficulty making the adjustment. - More>>
posted by radiovet to media at 11:00 P.M. EST on Sat Mar 10, 2007     3 comments

Al Jazeera on local cable TV - "On March 19, Buckeye CableSystem will begin showing Al Jazeera English, the world’s first English-language news channel headquartered in the Middle East. The new network is vastly different from its older cousin, the controversial Arab-language Al Jazeera, which is seen largely in the Middle East. The English-language network’s coverage is broader, and it has hired journalists away from the BBC and CNN. Buckeye executives say they have viewed the channel for some time and find it balanced and interesting." - More>>
posted by jr to media at 11:25 A.M. EST on Sat Mar 10, 2007     15 comments

Amateur Radio Test this week. - If anyone is interesting in becoming an amateur radio person. Steve is having another test session this Saturday in Maumee. - More>>
posted by jshriver to media at 11:21 A.M. EST on Mon Mar 05, 2007     12 comments

Supertalk 1560 WTOD now podcasting - If you missed "Toledo Today" with Tom Watkins, no worries. You can now either download or stream the show from that morning by 1pm that same day. - More>>
posted by radiovet to media at 12:31 P.M. EST on Fri Mar 02, 2007     7 comments

Michael Savage invades Toledo tonite at 6pm - The Michael Savage Show will once again invade the nocturnal airwaves of The Glass City. - More>>
posted by radiovet to media at 01:37 P.M. EST on Thu Mar 01, 2007     46 comments

Some thoughts on Miller's 'Blog This' TFP column - In the latest issue of the Toledo Free Press, Editor in Chief Michael Miller said: "When I have something to say, on this page or while posting on a blog site, I use my name. That's accountability." That's true. He does use his full name here. Before I share my thoughts on anonymous Web postings, I have to wonder how last fall's sparky incident at Toledo Talk plays into this? If you have forgotten the incident or are unaware of it, read this and this and especially this comment by me. A local "journalist" makes, in my opinion, fraudulent postings here. Yet, this person writes a weekly column for the Toledo Free Press. - More>>
posted by jr to media at 01:50 P.M. EST on Sun Feb 25, 2007     89 comments

Johnny D - Anyone know what happened to the Johnny D morning show? I can't find any info online as to why. - More>>
posted by jshriver to media at 09:54 A.M. EST on Thu Feb 22, 2007     3 comments

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