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BGSU has been subpoenaed by NY State -- another athletic dept. gets scrutiny - After U.T. went through its athletic department crisis, it looks 40 other schools, including BGSU , are getting some attention from the authorities.
posted by paulhem to education at 04:57 P.M. EST on Wed Aug 01, 2007     2 comments

Toledo Public Schools discovers $18.2M surplus for new year - The revelation was a surprise to board members who passed a balanced 2007-08 budget last month that slashed teacher jobs because of anticipated enrollment declines and a predicted funding shortfall.
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posted by billy to education at 08:15 A.M. EST on Wed Jul 25, 2007     No comments     Post a comment

Positives About Public Schools - The embedded link takes you to the Blade "Letters to the Editor" and you have to scroll down to the Letter from Craig Franz entitled Many public schools are doing a good job.
All too often, our public schools are the brunt of criticism, but many are doing an excellent job. The afore-mentioned letter says it very well. Constructive criticism to advocate and suggest improvements serves an important role. None-the-less, this message thread is intended for people to share the good things about our public schools. So, post your public school accolades here.

posted by RolandHansen to education at 07:50 A.M. EST on Tue Jul 24, 2007     4 comments

ACLU opposes single-sex schools in Cleveland - From The American Civil Liberties Union has launched an investigation into the Cleveland's school district's plan for single-sexschools, saying such an approach is extreme and unproven. - More>>
posted by tekrat to education at 06:53 P.M. EST on Wed Jul 11, 2007     3 comments

Origins of the Anti-Smoking Nazis -
Not surprisingly, the strict anti-smoking crusade can be traced back to none other than Nazi, Germany.
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posted by mholdri to education at 08:02 A.M. EST on Thu Jun 28, 2007     56 comments

Where do you go to learn how to ride motorcycles? - I got my endorsements about 10 years ago - and where the classes were, was behind MCO, (actually the classrooms were in the same building the county morgue is in), and now I have a pal who wants to take classes, but for the life of me, I cant remember the name of the organization who trained me. - More>>
posted by billy to education at 06:33 P.M. EST on Tue Jun 26, 2007     10 comments

Antioch College is closing for a few years - A unique educational model meets a thinning of resources. - More>>
posted by charlatan to education at 02:33 P.M. EST on Tue Jun 19, 2007     5 comments

Lucas County ESC - The Lucas County Educational Service Center is a multi-million dollar public educational agency serving school districts in the Greater Toledo Metropolitan area. Unfortunately, this public organization, its programs and services, and its five-person elected governing board are often over-looked and under-reported. This message thread is an attempt to keep the public informed.
Here is the previous thread which is now closed to further comment. And here is the other previous thread which is also closed to further comment.

posted by RolandHansen to education at 01:12 P.M. EST on Tue Jun 19, 2007     16 comments

Scary!!! - [video inside] - More>>
posted by mholdri to education at 12:34 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 14, 2007     14 comments

'E-discovery rules add summer IT work for schools' - Via Slashdot. "School districts nationwide face an especially difficult IT assignment this summer: to create systems that ensure compliance with new federal electronic discovery regulations. September 2005 updates to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) require that electronic documents -- including e-mail and perhaps even instant messaging logs -- be available as evidence in civil court cases. Observers note that widespread enforcement of the rules will likely begin by the end of 2007." - More>>
posted by jr to education at 11:01 A.M. EST on Tue Jun 12, 2007     4 comments

It's Ja-Fo! Let the celebrations begin. Yippie Friggin Kye- Aye. - TOLEDO -- The Toledo Public Schools board of education has chosen its
newest member. Jack Ford is will take the place of board president Deborah
Barnett, who resigned. In a meeting on Tuesday, board members voted 3 to 1
for Ford. Board member Darlene Fisher cast the lone dissenting vote.
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posted by billy to education at 07:36 A.M. EST on Tue Jun 05, 2007     54 comments

Free classes from Harvard, Stanford, Berkley, PSU, Michigan................................. - Now you can have the same brainwashing/indoctrination education without all the nifty connections and having to avoid school loan collections... - More>>
posted by charlatan to education at 04:04 P.M. EST on Tue May 29, 2007     1 comment

147 Students wont graduate - I was reading the paper during lunch and noticed the front page article. Apparently a lot of students in the area won't be able to graduate due to not passing the ohio graduate exam. - More>>
posted by jshriver to education at 01:55 P.M. EST on Tue May 22, 2007     38 comments

Deborah Barnett resigns from school board - I suppose I can understand why she became frustrated - how can you lead a group of adults who act like a bunch of spoiled children at times? Its unfortunate though, as it gives off the impression that the board is imploding. (Especially when you consider other recent events.)
posted by mom2 to education at 01:43 A.M. EST on Tue May 15, 2007     23 comments

The Sojourner's Truth Demonizes Dissent - The SJ opinion piece is a considered one, yet it has fallen back upon a now-historical Toledo habit of demonizing dissent. - More>>
posted by GuestZero to education at 03:57 A.M. EST on Sat May 12, 2007     8 comments

The $1,470 an hour loophole - If you're 60 and need medical insurance for the rest of your life, get a job in a Michigan school. (even if only as an aide, cafeteria worker, etc.) Work 102 hours, then feel free to quit. You will have just earned free health care for the rest of your life.
posted by mom2 to education at 05:03 P.M. EST on Fri May 11, 2007     4 comments

Suburban School Taxation Curbed - The local school systems made the appropriate statement to the politicians. Can the people of Toledo send the same statement to the TPS? One TPS MOU (for deferred raises) will eat up an entire levy even if you DO vote for it. The interpretive message I'm getting is that times are tough for the workforce (which generates the revenue to run the schools) and the overpaid school administrators and teachers will have to feel the same pain. So, does a school need to repair a roof? Simple. Fire an administrator. Does a school need to replace a boiler? Fire an administrator. If more money is needed then it's time to start cutting teacher salaries. Toledo's $48K median salary is fairly fat and there's some space for cuts in it.
posted by GuestZero to education at 04:23 A.M. EST on Wed May 09, 2007     32 comments

Blade editorial blasts TPS board - CALL it what you want. Misfeasance? Malfeasance? Nonfeasance? The performance of the Toledo Public Schools' board of education is dragging the school district down, and we refuse to stand by and watch it continue.
posted by paulhem to education at 08:19 A.M. EST on Sun May 06, 2007     33 comments

Harner out - Foley on deck. Toledo loses again - TOLEDO -- The Toledo Public School board has decided on a new course in its
superintendent search. At a meeting Friday morning, the board voted to
open negotiations with John Foley, the district's interim superintendent,
to make him permanent.
- More>>
posted by billy to education at 08:38 A.M. EST on Fri May 04, 2007     23 comments

Harner says he STILL wants the TPS Superintendent job! - I had to use the general site for the link because once the story goes from "Developing News" to another category, the actual story link change. - More>>
posted by paulhem to education at 03:34 P.M. EST on Wed May 02, 2007     20 comments

National Young Scholars Program - We received an invitation from the National Young Scholars Program to enroll our Old Orchard 4th grader into their Summer Session Program, "designed and created specifically for the nation's most highly acclaimed 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students, each of whom have been personally selected for nomination by a teacher." The closest campus, however, is Dekalb, Illinois...too far away for a 10 year old girl without her parents or nearby trusted relatives. We are now trying to find out similar programs here in NW Ohio, preferably University of Toledo. Please help us brainstorm regarding who to contact!
posted by MrsPhoenix to education at 08:00 A.M. EST on Wed May 02, 2007     7 comments

Darlene Fisher is holding a press conference today - 2:30 at the Sanger Library branch to address the Harner situation. Let's call it Harnergate. The link is to a map. I will be there, I want to hear this first hand and I suggest all interested parties just feel free to come.
posted by katie82640 to education at 11:11 A.M. EST on Fri Apr 27, 2007     13 comments

Lucas County Educational Service Center Governing Board - What are the latest happenings with the Governing Board of the Lucas County Educational Service Center? Follow this thread to get and give the latest! (Hopefully)
Here is the previous thread which is now closed to further comment.

posted by RolandHansen to education at 03:07 P.M. EST on Wed Apr 18, 2007     19 comments

School Rankings - From my understanding that public schools in the state of Ohio are ranked by how well their students do on standardized tests. I've always heard that Elmhurst Elementary is one of the best ranked schools in Northwest Ohio. Is this antidotal or is there somewhere to get these rankings? - More>>
posted by SensorG to education at 10:11 A.M. EST on Wed Apr 04, 2007     40 comments

April 26 - bring your daughters and sons to work day - Great idea. But why the 4th thursday in april, when having it just one month later wouldnt pull 99% of all kids participating out of school?
posted by billy to education at 06:14 P.M. EST on Tue Mar 27, 2007     27 comments

Want to check on a bill in Congress? - Found this cool site (for the gov't geek in all of us) that lets you track bills making their way through the U.S. Congress. - More>>
posted by miked918 to education at 07:30 A.M. EST on Tue Mar 20, 2007     4 comments

Toledo's Future & TPS - Toledo in 5 or 10 years.... Has anyone thought about this? With a constant decrease in population and jobs, what does the future of the city hold? - More>>
posted by jim30529 to education at 06:28 P.M. EST on Mon Mar 12, 2007     1 comment

Anybody know of scholarships for undergrads - My daughter, Maggie, is a 2006 graduate of Northview with honors, 95 percentile ACT, and high scores etc. She is currently attending Case Western Reserve and majoring in Medical Imaging. Although she received a very good scholarship from CASE, there still is significant expense. For those of you funding children through college you know what I mean. And we are using the web tools to look, but they are very poor at even acknowledging submissions, let alone providing answers. And most scholarships are for seniors entering college, not for undergrads in their second year.

Maggie is trying hard to find as many scholarship opportunities and other funding avenues as possible. Is anyone aware of any local, or regional, or national scholarships that may be available for a student that is already an undergraduate or something to encourage Women in Technology? Maggie has proven she is an intelligent ...
- More>>
posted by davldavis to education at 10:28 A.M. EST on Thu Mar 08, 2007     6 comments

TPS Super Selection - Can anyone explain how a school board can hire someone and THEN negotiate their salary and benefits? This is the second time the Toledo board has done this. It is beyond me how they can do that or how the applicant can accept the job without having agreed to the compensation package.
posted by max to education at 03:57 P.M. EST on Sat Mar 03, 2007     3 comments

Lucas County Educational Service Center - With a multi-million dollar budget and hundreds of staff members, the Lucas County Educational Service Center offers a myriad of services to local school districts in the area. Go to its web site to learn more. Hopefully, this message thread will be used to provide some information and some transparency of and for this often over-looked public education entity. The five members of its governing board are elected to four-year terms in odd-numbered years. By the way, two of the five Governing Board positions are up for election in 2007; the other three positions have elections in 2009.
posted by RolandHansen to education at 11:37 A.M. EST on Tue Feb 13, 2007     24 comments

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