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January 12, 2004

Clamor Magazine, a local success story - An excellent article by the Toledo City Paper, which will disappear later this week when the new TCP issue comes out and thanks to the TCP not updating their archives section on their website. Anyway, I discovered Clamor Magazine about a year ago at Thackeray's Books. I think it's great that the founders reside in Toledo. "Itís as if the mainstream media empires know best, and what the rest of us have to say doesnít matter. In an unassuming house in Toledoís Old West End, two twenty-something activists are working to change that. Jen Angel and Jason Kucsma have, since 2000, published Clamor magazine." - More>>
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Taft Signs Concealed Handgun Bill - "Gov. Bob Taft signed a bill Thursday to allow Ohioans to carry hidden guns, just one day after lawmakers passed it. The bill goes into effect 90 days after it is signed by Taft and is filed with the Ohio Secretary of State. The Senate vote on Wednesday was 25-8, and the House vote was 69-24. Ohioans who apply for permits to carry concealed weapons would have to pay a fee, undergo background checks and be trained in the use of a weapon. Ohio would become the 46th state to allow carrying concealed weapons under the bill." - More>>
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