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January 13, 2004

Tax dollars at work enforcing the smoking ban - "The Ford administration is planning to send inspection teams, including police officers, to establishments that have been named in calls to the city’s smoking ban hot line." We are in America, right? All of that fuss just for smoking? Yeah, I feel safer. Maybe the administration, the inspection teams, the police officers, the hot line, whatever should serve the public by focusing on preventing or solving real crime.
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Area waterways need cleanup - "The EPA evaluates the quality of Ohio’s beaches, rivers, and creeks every two years using several measures, including bacteria levels. In a list prioritizing cleanup projects, the western and central Lake Erie shorelines and the Sandusky River from its headwaters to Wyandot County’s Broken Sword Creek ranked in the top 15 waterways that need improvement. Many northwest Ohio waterways, including part of the Maumee, Ottawa, Tiffin, and Auglaize rivers, have substandard water quality, according to the Ohio EPA."
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