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January 14, 2004

Back to the Moon, then on to Mars - "Bush is asking for a $1 billion boost to NASA's budget over five years to fund the start of a new American campaign in space intended to put a the base on the moon and to land astronauts on Mars, administration officials say. Bush is calling for a lunar base to be established within two decades and a manned landing on Mars sometime after 2030, an official said." - More>>
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Dean, Clark, and entertainers imploding - Emotionally that is, as it pertains to the volatile world of politics. Sheesh. No wonder people just throw in the towel and ignore the political world. Howard Dean browbeats a 66-year-old man during the Democrat debate Sunday after the retiree offered Dean a simple suggestion. Wesley Clark is making outrageous statements. Matt Drudge is reporting on the seething rage expressed by entertainers at's awards ceremony. - More>>
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