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January 2, 2004

Hack journalism - Specifically columnists and op-ed writers. Their amateurish stunts and futile attempts at sarcastic humor belittle themselves and annoy readers. Sometimes it seems they all work from the same script. They don't have original thoughts. It seems they take old columns and change the proper nouns. It's hard to believe these people get paid for their work. Lately, I've been reading By-Line: Ernest Hemingway, which contains many of Hemingway's journalistic writings, and I've come to a conclusion: If Hemingway was working now, today's hack journalists wouldn't be worthy of discarding Hemingway's trash. - More>>
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Local Health Club Closing? - Has anyone heard anything definate about "The Aquarius" on Opportunity Dr. being demolished?- sounds strange, but that is the current gossip at the club-
The owners aren't available to talk to, and the employees say they don't know.

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