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January 28, 2004

Granholm to endorse Kerry - "Gov. Jennifer Granholm plans to endorse U.S. Sen. John Kerry before Michigan's Feb. 7 Democratic caucuses, two Democratic sources in Michigan have confirmed. Her husband, Dan Mulhern, is among those running Kerry's Michigan campaign, but until now Granholm has steadfastly declined to endorse or even name a favorite. More than 100,000 Michigan voters are expected to cast ballots by mail, over the Internet or in person for the presidential caucuses." "Michigan is the first major industrial state to hold a caucus or primary, and its 128 pledged delegates are the most of any state in the first two months."
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'Too fat to sue' - "Obese Americans cost the nation $75 million [?] in weight-related medical bills in 2003. It is disingenuous to compare frivolous lawsuits against fast-food purveyors to successful legal action against the tobacco companies. The danger of inhaling secondhand smoke is undeniable, but the only person hurt by overindulging at Burger King is the individual himself." (Bullcrap. What an idiot. The writer just said it. Obesity hurts everyone in the pocketbook, which ultimately affects everyone's health care coverage. Taxpayers paid for half of that cost.) "Nobody is forcing them to belly-up to the counter and order a super-sized combo." (Exactly. That same argument applies to smoking and secondhand smoke, and is why a smoking ban shouldn't exist. BTW, the original news story said $75 billion, whereas this writer said "million." A slight difference.)
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Denny Schaffer's court troubles with The Blade part 2 - This is an update to an earlier story. "Two people identified by Toledo radio personality Denny Schaffer as sources for comments he made on the air about a purported sexual relationship between a Blade reporter and the newspaper’s publisher have denied in court depositions that they provided the information. The comments included false statements about a purported relationship between Ms. Svoboda and John Robinson Block."
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UT spring enrollment down - "Spring enrollment at the University of Toledo is down 4.2 percent this year, which will stretch still further the university’s already tight budget, a UT official said. UT did not budget for a decrease of that size. Bowling Green State University and Owens Community College, on the other hand, reported modest enrollment increases." A UT official is blaming the "weak economy", which is preventing students from finding the money to continue.
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