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January 19, 2007

Johny D out at Tower 98 - This was on the Blade website today. I don't pay too much attention to ratings, but I was under the impression that when he moved to Tower 98 they actually started doing better in the ratings. (Though maybe that was just an initial boost and things had started to slump since then?)
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City liable for Accidents? - My daughter was injured the other night in a car accident. She was traveling west on Dorr Street, approaching Detroit. She had the Green light, a car that was stopped (I believe she said stopped) was going east quickly turned in front of her, she hit her breaks, she missed that car but hit the car that followed behind it, a police car. Head on collision. He did not have his lights or sirens on. The accident investigator came to take my daughters statement in the hospital, he made no mention of citations issued. When I asked about it, he stated none were going to be issued, but that his report would state that the officer was at fault. - More>>
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