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October 12, 2005

Myers campaign withdraws support for levy - Christopher Myers, candidate for school board will hold a press conference October 13, 2005 outside Libbey High School at 2 PM to announce his intention on withdrawing his support for the 2.5 mil levy. The Myers campaign is concerned the Toledo Public School board is trying a “bait and switch” approach to the levy campaign. In materials presented (Adobe PDF) to the Chamber of Commerce, TPS officials said they intend to use over 50% of revenue generated toward the new buildings facades and sloped roofs. Levy talking points (Adobe PDF) distributed at the school board retreat on October 11, 2005, had no mention of this use of the money. In conversations with TPS officials on October 12, 2005, confirmed the building plan is still a purpose of the levy. - More>>
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The War of the Worlds - The Challenger Learning Center of Lucas County (CLCLC), in association with Saturn V Productions, is leaping back in time to the year 1938 in a tribute to the Halloween spoof that spooked the nation. Orson Welles, the Master of “Trick or Treat,” panicked the nation with a radio play adaptation of H. G. Well’s “The War of the Worlds” in October of 1938 when Martians attacked our planet. - More>>
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