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October 12, 2006

Shades of Thunder Road - Heres more BS from our government at work. Apparently its against the State law to buy your woozle water in Michigan and bring it home to Ohio. Of course, the stores in Ohio close at 5:00 PM, so if you need to stock up for a party and wait until after work to do your shopping, youre SOL. - More>>
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Who's Responsible When You Drive? - Here's something that makes about as much sense as Our Beloved Carty chairing a sensitivity training session. These two geniuses are driving down I-75 and a car load of hotties flashes them. The bright boys do a rough imitation of feeding time at the Toledo Zoo primate house, and when a potential souvenir flies toward them the driver tries to catch it. Smooth move, bone head. The two end up in the middle of the median, and somehow, we dont know just how, their new position is the fault of the hotties? Give it a rest. - More>>
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Election guide - The current issue of the Toledo City Papper contains info about the candidates and issues on the November ballot. "Plus, TCPs Man of Mystery Johnny Hildo gives his two-cents on whos who on the ballot." - More>>
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Halloween ideas? - A few years ago I became angered when I observed that no one in my area was doing anything to "scare" the kids in my area on halloween. They put up a few cutsy decorations and passed out their candy and that was it. - More>>
posted by MikeyA to entertainment at 8:24 A.M. EST     19 comments

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