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November 15, 2004

Pixar produces a right-wing propaganda film - I expect mindless left-wing bilge in the Toledo City Paper's editorial section, such as the current guest column, titled "Black Tuesday: Part Deux". But I thought the TCP's movie review articles would contain some sanity. Obviously, some are still in intense pain over the result of the presidential election. The current TCP has a review of Pixar's latest movie The Incredibles. The TCP movie reviewer didn't like the film, giving it only two stars. That's fine. But check out the last two sentences from the review with my emphasis in bold: "These are characters that are most satisfied when they are conquering you with fire at their backs. The implications toward the radical right are intrinsic." - More>>
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More Power to Ya - On the “you will never hear this Iraq story on the network news because it is good” front, Engineering News Record reports that the month of October saw 5,500 megawatts of power generation. That exceeds pre-war levels of 4,400 MW. It is still short of the current demand, however, which is 6,500 MW – but that means that 84% of demand is being met. What’s better is that only half of the installed capacity (10,000 MW) is being used at this point – so as work continues, there will eventually be room to spare. - More>>
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Cannibalism and Ray Kest in Toledo and Lucas County - Every company in the private sector pays for its management to further their respective education and stay current in their area of expertise. Had Lucas County's Treasurer, Ray Kest, "requested" the [Lucas Co.] Commissioners to pay for his continuing education, there is litle doubt it would have been approved without a debate. This is a standard perk in business, and would have been extended if requested. - More>>
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