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November 13, 2005

Japanese mobility - Some thoughts on the subject of mobile web use from a Yahoo! employee. "So I ask a very simple question: How far ahead is Japanese Mobile Web use from US, Europe and other parts of Asia? One year? Two? I won’t listen to anyone give me junk about how the Japanese are “different” - you’ve seen me bitch about that before - they’re not. They simply have more advanced networks, more powerful phones and more compelling mobile web services which drive nearly 3/4 of those polled to use the mobile web every day. That, my friend, is ubiquity if I ever saw it. So how far away is the rest of the world from these types of sky-high usage?" - More>>
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Business-friendly scale - "Ohio fares poorly and Michigan fares well. In the latest rankings in the Small Business Survival Index published by the Small Business & Entrepreneurial Council, in Washington, Ohio was unchanged at 40th among the states and Michigan moved up a notch to fifth from sixth most "business-friendly" state." - More>>
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