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November 14, 2005

Smoking Ban Update - A few weeks ago a regular customer came up to me at my tavern and advised that he was at the Kroger's at Detroit and Glendale. There were people at the store entrance asking for signatures on a petition for smoke-free work places. - More>>
posted by jimavolt to politics at 9:45 P.M. EST     37 comments

DOOMSDAY FOR DELTA ... - if Pilots STRIKE...the Pilots Union claim they will NOT accept package offered by Delta... - More>>
posted by MARIELORA to news at 7:49 P.M. EST     24 comments

Local Radio Stations and an all-Christmas Playlist - I opined about this on my blog today, but I would like to solicit some opinions on the strategy employed by stations like 101.5 The River of playing nothing but Christmas carols during the holidays. - More>>
posted by historymike to media at 7:33 P.M. EST     27 comments

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