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November 15, 2005

Missing downed airplane - I never had confidence in Homeland Security. and after this event i know why. an alert signals a possible plane, maybe downed, maybe a false alarm. we can't find it. for hours?? if we were under attack would we know it ?? or would we just need to wait and see the first explosions and fatalities. - More>>
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Crazy weather tonight - Will we see a tornado in any of the surrounding areas? Lightning has stopped here in West Toledo, but strong winds and rain continue. - More>>
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BEER CAN FIGHT CANCER... - a study by Scientists in Oregon reveal... - More>>
posted by MARIELORA to health at 7:18 P.M. EST     9 comments

Term Limits in Toledo - Schulz Asks Council To Clarify Term Limits

Proposes Clarifying Language

Dave Schulz, former City Council candidate and founder of COBRA (Citizens Organized to Bring Reform and Accountability, delivered letters to the 12 Toledo City Councilman suggesting Term Limits clarifying language for a City Charter amendment.

Schulz, who campaigned strongly against the "Term Limits" violators on City Council during the campaign will continue the fight to reform our government and demand accountability and higher standards from our elected officials. In late September, Schulz asked council to clarify term limits but had no official response from any member, although President Escobar and Councilman Ludeman expressed support for the effort to clarify term limits in a Toledo Blade story.

Schulz says, "The public response to my campaign was uplifting and has encouraged me to fight for the issues I raised. I have researched other ...
- More>>
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