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November 29, 2005

Toledo accepts invitation to GMAC Bowl - Toledo accepted the invitation to play in the GMAC Bowl against an as-of-yet unnamed opponent, Dec. 21 in Mobile Alabama. - More>>
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new figure in noe investigations - sorry if this does not end up where it's supposed to be, a comment to Divamom, about her last comments about Bernadette Noe. I have no gripe with you at all, me thinks thou doeth protest too much........Anyway, only an observation here, one that causes a tiny bit of concern, over spelling. You said you are headed to "Mexicao" (Mexico) to work with "Indiginous" people. Perhaps you meant "ignorant", or "Illiterate"? Indiginous simply means where somebody or something originates from. I worry that you are employed in a teaching capacity, anywhere. Why all the hype over spell check, etc.? Ever heard of a dictionary? ( I keep one handy all the time, easy to use, open, flip the pages...) I do not say this to be hateful, divamom, but your spelling and grammer are horrible, and it's unsettling that you may be in charge of educating anybody's children. I am ... - More>>
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NSM's Bill White Blasts Local Church - Bill White has excoriated the mayor, the police chief, the media, blacks, and Jews in his missives about Toledo, so I guess I should not be surprised that he blasts the Pilgrim United Church of Christ on Sylvania Avneue. After all, he's pretty much running out of people to slam. - More>>
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Bad News For Taft - Poll results from a survey conducted by Zogby International do not bode well for lame duck governor Bob Taft. Toledo Tales has the inside story of the depths to which Taft has sunk.
posted by Subcomandante_bob to politics at 8:11 A.M. EST     3 comments

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