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November 30, 2005

Rejectionists - Today we were lied to by our president. and during his slanted speech he spoke of rejectionists. i must be one. because i reject just about every word this administration speaks. i wouldn't even by a used car from W . after his usual blah blah blah sepetmber 11. global war on terror. i was ready to break my TV. if you need to sell your argument for justifying the war. theres a problem. and to do it in a contolled environment like the Naval Academy speaks volumes. how much longer are we going to be forcefed this crap before it ends? i hope it doesnt take a few more election cycles.
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new figure in noe investigation - I am so sorry if my last post came off as mean spirited. It was not my intention - tried to cover a lot about the flak that was thrown at divamom, on several issues, which I honestly thought was a bit brutal at times (whether or not she knew Bernadette Noe). I was NOT the main one who attacked divamom's spelling/grammer - many of you got on the bandwagon, and I never said I didn't make the same errors, of course I do (I even said it goes with the territory especially on web blogs/emails, typing fast, etc.) My main point on that was simply that you all talked like you needed 'spell check', my point was, "no ya don't", use a dictionary. And no, I do not always use one (as you could tell on my last post). I do apologise for mistaking words /definition divamom used, my ... - More>>
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Merry Christmas....maybe - There has been quite a bit of talk about the removal of the saying "Merry Christmas". I was wondering how many of you felt about this? Will you shop at places that intentionally remove "Merry Christmas" from their advertising and displays? - More>>
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It's Official: NSM Is Coming Back - The lastest on the return of the National Socialist Movement (NSM)to Toledo on December 10; there have been some new details for those interested in the neo-Nazi saga.
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Toledo Taxicabs - The taxicab industry is one vote away in Toledo from being decimated. A livery company entered into the city approximately four or five years ago and started to serve what happened to be traditional taxicab business. For the most part there was little hue and cry from the taxicab industry, it was just more competition. That particular livery company got the City law department to interpret the definition of a taxicab in such a way to preclude the taxicabs from conducting business the way we have for decades. I'm not sure when the city ordinance defining taxicabs was written, but it is archaic and dates prior to anyone the taxi industry's memory. The taxicab industry wishes just to continue as we have been for years. George Sarantou states in The Blade that he doesn't see how taxicabs can serve the handicapped and disabled, but that is the bulk of our ... - More>>
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Investors Happy As Hell Over Dodge Nitro - Lost in the announcement Monday of the new Dodge Nitro coming to Toledo North was how the new work will improve productivity at the plants. Toledo Tales has a web exclusive on a bunch of happy investors.
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Coleman quits race for Ohio governor - I almost feel sorry for Coleman.... :(
What does everyone think of Ted Strickland?

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