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November 14, 2006

Perrysburg Alcohol Sales - Say, does anyone on here know if the Perrysburg issue to allow alcohol sales on Sunday passed? Issue 7 maybe?
posted by thetoledowire_com to politics at 11:01 P.M. EST     10 comments

New site to keep updated on Super search - I put together a site for us "net citizens" to keep up-to-date on the TPS Superintendent search. You can bookmark it and check back for updates. The site contains news articles, search documents and important links. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.
posted by chrismyers to education at 9:07 P.M. EST     5 comments

Only In Toledo - Police Catch Suspect Who Robbed Adult Store
Nov 14, 2006 01:43 PM EST
WEST TOLEDO -- The night shift ended frighteningly for the clerk at a local store when a man burst in with a knife and tied her up. It happened at Priscilla's, an adult novelty store in Monroe Street in west Toledo. The story ends with an unexpected twist that sent the suspect to the hospital.
- More>>
posted by billy to news at 3:48 P.M. EST     11 comments

More junk law from Toledo city council - More restrictions for the citizens of Toledo. Imagine you own your home. Not you and the bank, just you. Now you canít park on your own lawn, or in your own back yard. If you park on the edge of the road in front of your own home, that edge must be gravel. - More>>
posted by madjack to politics at 10:53 A.M. EST     76 comments

Yellow Journalism from The Blade - Hereís a good example of our law enforcement at work, as well as a bright yellow sample of what passes for journalism at the Toledo Blade. - More>>
posted by madjack to media at 10:46 A.M. EST     11 comments

Noe to Begin New Career as Prison Yard Power Broker - Exclusive Toledo Tales interview with the soon-to-be-jumpsuited Tom Noe.
posted by Subcomandante_bob to entertainment at 9:26 A.M. EST     1 comment

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