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November 25, 2006

Last Supper Paintings - I just watched The Da Vinci Code, so I'm going through my stage of fascination with the last supper painting. The movie focuses on Leonardo Da Vinci's painting of the last supper but doesn't say anything about other paintings of the event. So I looked at them for myself and what I found was kind of neat. I found that the figure next to Jesus always looks like a woman. The person usually has his/her head in Jesus' lap or burried in his chest. In some of the paintings they appear to be holding hands. In one painting they are sitting together as a couple (William Blake 1799). I just think it's neat that you can look at paintings of the last supper that are about 150 years before Da Vinci's and the person sitting next to Jesus looks like a woman in them as well.
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POLITICIANS - I read somewhere that politicians and diapers both need changing once in a while....both for the same reason.
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Ethanol from corn means more atrazine, sediment & phosphorus - I attended a lecture at Lake Erie Center a while ago by Dr. Czajkowski from the University of Toledo and it was a worthwhile event. He's generating a sediment model for the Maumee River. It brought to mind a publication by Clarke Waggoner who wrote long ago about the history of Lucas County and the Maumee River, with rich accounts of a river teeming with fish. , pages 30, 31, and 32.

to save time, do a text search on the word "fish" for some great accounts of early fishing on the Maumee River.
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