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November 27, 2006

Arrest near in unsolved 1967 murder of Eileen Adams - The Blade reports that an arrest is near in the unsolved murder of 13 year old Eileen Adams. - More>>
posted by corky to media at 10:47 P.M. EST     8 comments

Binary Greeting - Anyone notice the Binary Greeting on the top of the main page. Any Guess? I think I know. - More>>
posted by ToledoLatina to other at 6:33 P.M. EST     22 comments

TPS Levy Propaganda Begins - Well, it looks like the Blade is starting the propaganda campaign for the next TPS levy. Sure, we can give the Blade credit for mentioning technical truths ... for example, that any qualifying levy that's passed will immediately lose $11+ million to cover the retroactive-raises program. However, there are other truths here that weren't mentioned, in that Toledo is dying economically and that it's farcical to expect to get a raise of any kind around here. In comparison to the working class, TPS teachers make very good wages -- $32K starting, $48K average. (For a single person trying to live modestly on such wages, they can easily service their school debts and then go on to live quite comfortably post-debt ... sliding frictionlessly into forming a prosperous family.) So, as the working class is being progressively told to accept lesser wages and/or to accept higher costs, so should government employees ... - More>>
posted by GuestZero to education at 1:37 P.M. EST     108 comments

Important Lake Erie Conference - I hope that those who attend will stress the need to eliminate the farm sediments from the Maumee River. No-till isn't being mandated. Buffers are the exception rather than the rule.
Atrazine, Runoff, and Phosphorus will increase as farmers switch to corn for ethanol production. Help!
- More>>
posted by prime3end to environment at 1:25 P.M. EST     2 comments

Weather in NW Ohio, if you dont like it, wait 5 min... - I've been noticing since I hit 40 that the bones I'd broken in my hands during my younger years really can predict a change a few days coming in the weather - - More>>
posted by billy to weather at 12:00 P.M. EST     5 comments

6 Year joke on Toledo finally ends - Toledo Blade media writer Lush Lemmon finally does something right and moves away. - More>>
posted by billy to media at 10:13 A.M. EST     28 comments

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