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November 30, 2006

Developers Propose Massive New Marina District for Port Clinton - PORT CLINTON -- It's being called one of the greatest economic developments ever proposed for Port Clinton. Two developers have competing plans to build marina districts in the lakeside city with a water park, condos, a marina, and other amenitites. - More>>
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BOYCOTT SCOTT COMPANY PRODUCTS! - According to WTOL-TV , Scotts Company, the people we associate with lawn care and garden products, has fired an employee for smoking! No, he wasn’t smoking on the job or on company property – Mr. Rodrigues was fired after testing positive for nicotine! - More>>
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Timeshare Resort vs. MGM Grand - Las Vegas trip: If you (a non-gambler and interested in spas, mall shopping and Hoover Dam tours) were offered a 2 bedroom, 2 bath suite @ the Polo Towers (a TIMESHARE) for $150/week (7 day stay) versus a $50/night (7 day stay) Grand Tower room @ the MGM Grand Hotel, which would you choose?
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Toledo Ordinance Requires City Residents To Register Their Autos In Order To Drive In Toledo. Vehicles Must Meet Certain Requirements - Toledo City Council, under direction from Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, today enacted several new municipal codes dealing with personal ownership of vehicles within the city limits. Among the new laws are several that directly affect ownership of city residents, such as: - More>>
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Perrysburg Opting Out of TARTA??????!!!!!!! - I read this piece in this morning's paper and I don't get it. If TARTA's been part of Perrysburg community for 30+ years and we all know that it is part of the fabrication of urban life and it provides another choice in transportation besides SUVs and Pimp-my-ride-mobile; why are they doing this? Not everyone can afford a car, maintenance, fuel, and insurance, and not everyone has the ability to drive when getting older or sick. Is this an attack to the social responsibility of our society? If you continue reading this article this Councilwomen Ms. Marie Ermie was referring this "issue" is no different from the Boston Tea Party??? WHAAAAAAAAAAT??!! I want to know what she's smoking so I can get some for myself. There's nothing better than feeling high as being ignorant and superior as they are because they probably walk around a la' Levis Commons thinking "I ... - More>>
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