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December 17, 2003

Marcy Kaptur's most recent brain-fart comments - Last Sunday, Marcy Kaptur said on AM 1370 WSPD that the Middle East was better with Saddam Hussein in command of Iraq. Marcy claimed Saddam killed terrorists. Marcy said Saddam was the "bulwark" against Middle East terrorism. Marcy said, "I think that Saddam's capture, in some ways, is irrelevant." I wish WSPD would make the audio available, or at least post a transcript of the interview. Put these comments alongside Marcy's March 1st comments where she said the terrorists are like our Founding Fathers.
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Heart disease in women - "500,000 women die from heart disease each year. Many women believe breast cancer to be the number one killer. One in every 2.4 deaths among women is from heart disease; one in 29 women will die of breast cancer. Heart disease has been the number one killer for nearly 100 years. It kills 65,000 more women then men each year, and increasingly, it's a young woman's disease, killing more women under 45 than any other disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
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Lions need to dump Matt Millen - Detroit Lions president Matt Millen: "He oversees a franchise that has spiraled downward to a 9-37 record under his watch. He called one of his Detroit Lions a "devout coward" in a radio interview last year. He has cleared out some talented veterans with no apparent or good plan to replace them. Many of his free-agent signings have been dismal, short-sighted and costly. Finally, this past Sunday, he used a derogatory term for gay males during an exchange with ex-Lion Johnnie Morton, now a receiver with the Kansas City Chiefs." Millen called Morton a faggot. Millen gave a lame apology. So far, Matt has not been fined. explains why he should be punished. - More>>
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