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December 27, 2005

Computer Repairs? - Who do you all like for computer repairs? I am having problems with my laptop mouse(the clicker sticks) - More>>
posted by lloyd to technology at 4:52 P.M. EST     36 comments

PUCO are you watching this ? - Natural gas prices today took a 10% drop in price. marking a 3 month low. at the same time Columbia Gas is reaching for another price increase. $300-500 dollar a month gas bills are outrageous. how about they charge us all a real rate and not a speculated one. better yet; a REFUND ! from the price gougers........ come on PUCO protect us the consumer. thats why you are there.
posted by Angrysage to commentary at 4:38 P.M. EST     18 comments

Upset Voters Demonstrate Against Recent Vote - Demonstrators take to the streets of Toledo to show their disgust with the allegations of corruption against Bob McCloskey and Betty Schultz? - More>>
posted by limedrops911 to politics at 8:07 A.M. EST     7 comments

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