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February 14, 2003

Great Backyard Bird Count - If you are a bird watcher at home, then submit your sightings this weekend through Monday to The GBBC and ebird are sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
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Fur protester strips - Just goes to show that exciting things do happen in T-town. "A woman in leopard makeup and little else pranced on a Summit Street corner yesterday at noon. She stripped for attention. The temperature was 21 degrees. The wind gusted from the west at 21 mph. Large portions of her bare hide prickled with goose bumps." That's dedication, I guess. Interesting picture.
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Nonprofits getting hurt by economy - "Tough times hit hard on the lower end of the social scale. Local nonprofit organizations are scrambling to keep their doors open, even as they work to fill hungry stomachs and house the homeless. One wants a dollar from each area resident. The other wants old furniture, can openers, and blenders."
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What Toledo does if there's a Code Red - National terrorist threat level that is, and not the soft drink or computer worm. I think the local media was scaring the crap out of area residents yesterday. Kids were being sent home with details, and people at my wife's workplace were saying the nation would be red by this morning. "Eleven school districts in Lucas and Wood counties have agreed to close schools, which are considered soft targets, and cancel activities and events until further notice if a red alert is announced before school starts." And we are suppose to remain in our homes.
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