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February 5, 2004

Local Howard Dean Meetup recap - Howard Dean Meetups occur the first Wednesday of each month. They began in February of last year. Over 1000 communities in the U.S. now have a Dean meetup or gathering. Toledo's first Dean meetup was a year ago. There are now two local meetups. One is in Bowling Green at the "Grounds for Thought" coffee house, and the other is in Northwood at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 50 union hall. I went to Wednesday night's meetup in Northwood, which was attended by 30 people. I learned that previous meetups had 50 to 60 people showing up. To me, the people at the meetup were political junkies, geeks, akin to the nerds, like myself, who attend the local Linux user group meetings. But instead of the hated enemy being Bill Gates and Microsoft, it was Bush-Cheney and Halliburton. - More>>
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Anonymous accusatory posting - Front page posts by the "Guest" user are moderated first. A Guest post was made Wednesday afternoon that claimed the poster was a witness to a Lucas County city worker receiving a DUI. I don't know what city. The poster said the offending worker drives a city vehicle. The anonymous poster gave the name of the person receiving the DUI (it's not Ray Kest), and also gave the name and phone number of the offender's supervisor. The poster encouraged concerned tax payers to call and demand action be taken against the offender. If a logged-in member of this site had made the post, it would have appeared on the front page immediatelly, and I wouldn't have done anything about it. But anonymous posts with names and accusations like this will not get approved. I could probably look into it to see if the DUI incident is true, but ... - More>>
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