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February 14, 2005

Pawn Posting Shut Down - Why did you shut down the Pawn/Rossford Schools posting? It continued to draw a lot of interest. The idea of bringing a religious-oriented presentation into a public school during school hours is still a controversial and interesting topic. Exploring legal connections to a wide range of individual beliefs is important to this site. Why not bring it back?
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Strategic Toledo Arts plan - Are the "arts" in Toledo being used to improve our economy? In his last three state of the city speeches, Mayor Ford mentioned the arts as an economic engine. Regular public meetings about the arts were held throughout 2002 with a prelim plan released in Sep 2003. A dedicated website ( launched in Oct 2003. The arts plan was officially released during the Mayor's Summit on the Arts at the Art Museum in Nov 2003 where guest speaker Richard Florida spoke about how the arts can be used to improve a region's economy. Dr. Florida's ideas have both supporters and detractors. Dr. Florida uses the gay and bohemian indexes to determine a city's prosperity. Lastly, there's hardly any local interest for an arts levy. - More>>
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A media perspective - WTVG broadcast journalist Jim Carey is "tired of the daily grind" and plans to make a career change in the Pacific northwest. "I’m ready to try something else,” he said. TV news, he says, has become too predictable and relies too much on manufactured drama. When asked for an example, Carey did not hesitate. “The weather,” he said. “An inch or two of snow now isn’t what an inch or two of snow used to be.” Carey believes in-depth features, which he considers to be his strength, are getting “squeezed out by stories that are controversial.” But the biggest factors [for leaving], he said, were the desire to move closer to his family and the frustration over consultant-driven newscasts."
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