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February 23, 2005

Bird flu - "World Health Organization officials urged governments on Wednesday to act swiftly to control the spread of bird flu, warning that the world is in grave danger of a deadly pandemic triggered by the virus. The illness has killed 45 people in Asia over the past year." 45 people, that's cause for alarm? In the U.S., I think about 50 people die every year from choking on toothpicks.
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Safety at Davis-Besse not improving - "Despite the efforts of a new management team, attitudes toward safety at the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant did not significantly improve in 2004. The lack of progress is a roadblock. Safety is recognized in the organization, but not all workers appear to be committed to it to the same degree. Safety is not consistently integrated into all job activities. Differences between workers and between management and staff indicate there is not a common set of safety values."
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