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February 8, 2005

'GOP pay grab' - "The special pay raise accorded two Ohio senators the other day is the kind of thing that happens with one-party rule in Columbus. Simply put, the $20,000 in extra compensation for the two men who occupy newly created leadership positions in the Senate violates the Ohio Constitution's stricture against in-term pay raises. This money grab never would have been possible if there were some balance of power in the state capital. Worse, the pay grab was slipped into the legislature's $1.5 billion capital improvements bill, signed by Mr. Taft on Friday."
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Southpaws versus righties - From the Guardian: "A team from the University of Birmingham has found that, when shown the same image, left-handed and right-handed people use different parts of the brain. Right-handers use the right hemispheres of their brains to take in the big picture - a forest, for example - left-handers use the right part of the brain to focus on detail, such as the trees. An experiment by the University of Toledo found that people with plenty of left-handed relatives seem to have better memories than most."
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Gov. Taft's tax changes - "The details come in Taft's budget Thursday. Taft was expected to announce plans to reduce the personal income tax and eliminate a tax on companies' inventory and equipment. Taft's tax plan will raise about $800 million less over the next two years, meaning he'll look for savings by reducing spending on the state's Medicaid program and keeping budgets tight at most agencies. He's also expected to call for increased taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, as well as to keep some portion of the temporary, one penny sales tax enacted in July 2003 and set to expire at the end of June."
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