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February 21, 2006

Sudoko - Have you checked out the game Sudoko? It is becoming quite popular, and is now carried in the Blade as of Feb. 18th, and now coming to the Toledo Free Press. It is a logic numbers game, but doesn't require any math. - More>>
posted by lloyd to culture at 9:59 P.M. EST     17 comments

Toledo Terror And "The Trainer" - Yes, we have a Toledo Terror link below, but this question is bugging me: Who, exactly, do you think "The Trainer" is? - More>>
posted by historymike to news at 8:04 P.M. EST     18 comments

More Arena Hoopla? - I'm sure we are all getting tired of seeminly fake arena news, but perhaps we can discuss something else other than terrorism. It looks like thing are slowly moving forward... - More>>
posted by lloyd to commentary at 7:02 P.M. EST     32 comments

GM selects Toledo - "Industry sources have confirmed for WSPD NEWS that Toledo has won the bidding for a new General Motors transmission facility. The new plant will go up near the existing GM Powertrain plant. An official announcement may not be made until next week."
posted by jr to business at 12:09 P.M. EST     52 comments

Toledo-Area Men Arrested for Terrorist Activity - breaking news fm E-News 11 - More>>
posted by billy to news at 11:08 A.M. EST     99 comments

Union dilemma - I have a relative who's place of work will be voting very soon as to whether or not to go union.
He's been with the company for a little over three years now, in that time, he has interviewed and moved up twice to new and better positions, and in doing so has increased his pay by over 20%.
The benefits he gets rival those that the TPS teachers get, ie a small $10 copay for Doctor visits, low co-pays for drugs, the retirement is your basic 401K...
He sees absolutely no reason to go union - the pro-union folks say the pay scale isnt in line with similar jobs elsewhere in the country, but other places in the country have higher costs of living than we do.
What he also sees are the ones who are so vehemently demanding to unionize are the ...
- More>>
posted by billy to business at 9:52 A.M. EST     14 comments

Toledo area Olympians - Refresh my memory. Who are Toledo athletes who have competed in the Olympics?
posted by Offshore to sports at 8:01 A.M. EST     7 comments

Sherrod Brown tonight in Toledo - As posted last week, Sherrod Brown was the sponsored speaker of the Lucas County Young Democrats and the UT College Democrats tonight at the Cricket West Beaner's location. - More>>
posted by psyche777 to politics at 12:01 A.M. EST     11 comments

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