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March 14, 2003

Volunteers needed - Looking to get involved with something? Here are a couple ideas. How would you promote Lucas county? "The Lucas County commissioners are seeking volunteers to fill board vacancies on the county’s Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Sylvania Township Regional Water and Sewer District."
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Springtime warmup - Yesterday's messy morning consisted of a half an inch of snow on top of a half an inch of sleet, but changes are coming. 40's today, 55-60 Saturday, 50's on Sunday, mid-60's on Tuesday. It will take some time, however, for the ice to melt on the lakes. From a WSPD story.
"It has been nearly a decade since three of the five great lakes, including Lake Erie, have been totally frozen over. The ice cover ranges from two feet thick on the more shallow Lake Erie to three feet or more on lakes Huron and Superior."

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