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March 31, 2005

domestic relations (family et al.) court in Lucas County or Ohio generally - Query: for those who've been involved with domestic relations courts in Ohio, without, of course, revealing personal details such as name of parties, attorney, judge, caseworker and other identifying details etc., but please use "HUSBAND," "WIFE," "DIVORCE," "PROPERTY DISTRIBUTION" or similar abstract yet descriptive labels as long as they wouldn't identify you or other persons, what's your impression of the "gender neutralness" of domestic relations law and process. - More>>
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Gladieux pulling feeding tube on Storm - "Strapped with financial problems, the Toledo Storm hockey team has told the East Coast Hockeye League they may not be back to play next year. Gladieux, who owns the team and the Sports Arena, says he's lost a lot of money the last few years. The Sports Arena appears to be the weight holding the team down from making money." Hah! I don't trust anything Gladieux says. And if this financial issue is true, hooray! This is good news for Toledo. - More>>
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Entertainment District Meeting - For anyone still interested in the Toledo Entertainment District goings on... - More>>
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March 30, 2005

Is there a solution for dealing with corporations? - I've seen it said that Toledo needs to stop giving huge tax abatements to large corporations like Jeep and O-I because the city loses out on millions. In principle, I agree but how does the region then replace the hundreds or thousands of jobs that leave because other cities are more than willing to trade their tax revenues for higher employment rates? - More>>
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March 29, 2005

Jesse Jackson Calls Schiavo Treatment 'Injustice' - The Rev. Jesse Jackson says Terri Schiavo's case "transcends politics and family disputes." He's been visiting the Florida hospice where the severely brain-damaged woman has gone without nutrients or water since March 18. Jackson called her treatment an "injustice" and said denying her a feeding tube and water is "unnecessary." - More>>
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March 28, 2005

Can the City Make Utilities Lower? - I was looking through the Toledo City Charter and this line Chap. 2, Sect. 8e jumped out: "The City shall also have power to regulate public utilities under private ownership." By definition the city could force Columbia Gas, Toledo Edison, and other utility in that services Toledo to lower their rate. I'm sure someone with a better law background could expound on this.
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March 25, 2005

Market demands regionalism - o.k. toledotalk bloggers,those of you that continue to steer the Toledo Titanic toward the iceberg,let's try rearranging the deck chairs one more time. - More>>
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March 24, 2005

UT Spends More Money - After raising tuition what does UT do? Conserve resources to help bring the students tuition back down? No, they buy more land, more land in which they donít even have a solid plan for its use. Does this tweak anyone else? - More>>
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Officer specializes in bullying advice - Armed with a computer slide show and a candid lecture, Officer Alessandra Norden visits area schools taking on the problems of bullying and harassment. - More>>
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Toledo: Penny Wise, Dollar Foolish - If I had to name a moment in time when my opinion of Toledo changed, it would be a day last June when I received a letter from the City of Toledo Neighborhoods Division. My view and attitude towards the city I grew up in has only gotten more cynical since. - More>>
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Prisons Going Smoke-Free - Ohio's prisons are going smoke-free. -- Corrections Director Reginald Wilkinson says he has accepted an study committee's recommendation to ban indoor smoking at all state-run prisons. The indoor-smoking prohibition should be in place within six months.
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Gay Marriage Ban Amendment Overrides Protection From Domestic Violence - CLEVELAND Mar 23, 2005 ó Domestic violence charges cannot be filed against unmarried people because of Ohio's new constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, a judge ruled Wednesday. - More>>
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March 23, 2005

New Edition of the Toledo Free Press is Out - The edition is out, plus you can download a PDF of the paper off thier websute. Be warned though, its a 6 meg download. - More>>
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Toledo Talk get together? - Since Toledo Talk seems like a close-knit group, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to have a get together?
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Upcoming Verso Group Events - HEADLINERS - More>>
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Terror fears grow over U.S. borders - When U.S. customs officials discovered the latest tunnel under the border last month, they were stunned. Complete with concrete floor and an intercom system, the passage ran nearly 200 yards from a house on one side of a rusty metal fence, under two streets and an apartment complex, to emerge in an unassuming tract home in California. - More>>
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Ex-consultant calls zoo saga 'tale of lost war' - ; e-mail to Toledo contacts paints picture of gloom. -- The Toledo Zoo's controversial - and recently terminated - human-resources consultant sent a midnight e-mail Sunday to his Toledo contacts detailing his version of the working situation at the zoo. - More>>
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Findlay Man Wins Pizza Gold in Italy - He makes a mean pizza and now the entire world knows it. Findlay pizza shop owner Brian Edler took home the gold in Italy last week. Brian beat out 450 contestants to win the world's fastest pizza-making championship. - More>>
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March 22, 2005

Sandra Bullock Trips, Snorts And Blurs The Fact/Fiction Line - Oh Sandra, say it ain't so. My illusion of you has been shattered forever! Pretend for a moment that you are a world-famous movie star. You're lighting cigars with hundred-dollar bills, bathing in Evian water, filling up your car with premium. Somebody comes along and offers a boatload of dough for a sequel, and you sign on the dotted line. Then, later realizing that you have to deliver said movie, you remember that millions of people adore your every mannerism. Now you're beginning to see why the line separating actor and character can sometimes get a bit blurry. - More>>
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Area residents rank 1st in nation for visits to ERs - Granted, Toledo is known as the Glass City, but apparently we're more breakable than folks elsewhere based on the results of a survey on how often people go to a hospital emergency room. - More>>
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March 21, 2005

Ohio coal plant agrees to cut pollution - An Ohio power plant has agreed to make combustion improvements that would drastically cut pollution from its smokestacks. - More>>
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COSI becomes a sandbox for Cleveland sculptor - Who knew that sea creatures are made of sand? Artist Carl Jara, that's who. And the Cleveland sculptor will help them emerge from a 20-ton pile of sand during COSI's "Sandsational Spring Break" that begins tomorrow and runs through April 3. - More>>
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Bringing jobs to Toledo - "Mayor Jack Ford launched a major new development campaign Monday, March 21, designed to showcase opportunities in Toledo for companies looking to locate or expand. The campaign includes advertising in automotive-related publications, a website [Toledo Works], a calling program on prospects, as well as a local effort with a call for the entire community to participate."
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Freedom Forum - The eighth annual discussion on Independent Media and Press Freedom is this Thursday, March 24 at 7:30 p.m. in UT's Law Center Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public. The discussion panel includes: UT's Independent Collegian, Jason Kucsma and Jen Angel who are the founders of Clamor Magazine, and Michael S. Miller the editor in chief of the Toledo Free Press. The event is sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists.
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IntimacyTurns Movie-Goers Off - You can laugh about it. Fantasize about it. Be punished or killed for it. But what you can't do is take sex seriously at the movies.
Look at the numbers on sexy movies. The list of box office casualties is long. Both versions of Lolita died at the box office, along with Striptease, Showgirls, Henry and June, Crash, The Brown Bunny, The People vs Larry Flynt, Crimes of Passion, Wonderland and Original Sin.
- More>>
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March 20, 2005

Don't say 'blogger' to US Immigration - This sounds like an unbelievable story, but it happened to Canadian blogger Jeremy Wright last week. As already reported on quite a few blogs, Jeremy was detained and interrogated by US Immigration when he arrived in New York last week for a meeting with McGraw-Hill to discuss a great business opportunity for Jeremy in the area of blogging. - More>>
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Retirement home prepared for Mexican prostitutes - Distressed to find aging homeless women still working as prostitutes in downtown Mexico City, womens' groups are preparing a roomy retirement home to take 65 of them off the streets. - More>>
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Texan Relies on Bible in Israeli Oil Dig - Texan fundamentalist Christian John Brown is investing millions of dollars in an oil well near Afula based on the Bible. He quotes the Biblical prophecy of Moses that the tribe of Asher will "dip his foot in oil." The southern tip of the tribe's inheritance in Israel resembles a foot, according to Brown, who decided that was the spot to drill for oil. - More>>
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March 19, 2005

500 Miles Per Gallon??? - "The current crop of hybrid cars get around 50 miles per gallon. Make it a plug-in and you can get 75 miles. Replace the conventional fuel tank with a flexible-fuel tank that can run on a combination of 15 percent petroleum and 85 percent ethanol or methanol, and you get between 400 and 500 miles per gallon of gasoline. (You don't get 500 miles per gallon of fuel, but the crucial task is to lessen the use of petroleum. And ethanol and methanol are much cheaper than gasoline, so fuel costs would drop dramatically.)"
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March 18, 2005

Vatican Seeks to Discredit 'The Da Vinci Code' - The LA Times reports that "OK, so maybe author Dan Brown takes a few liberties. - More>>
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