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April 21, 2004

Detroit Tigers better than the Tribe? - The Detroit Tigers are in third place at 8-6, 1.5 games out of first. The Cleveland 'Prelude to Greatness' Indians are dead last at 5-10, and already 5 games out of first. Yeah, I know the baseball regular season still has nine more months to go, but it's fun to hear the panic, in April, in the voices of Tribe fans. And after putrid '03 season, Tiger fans should be allowed to enjoy it while they can. This time last year, the Tigers had violated all laws of mathematics by being 27 games out of first place.
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Possible UT tuition hike - "A plan to increase tuition and fees by 9.9 percent will go before the UT Board of Trustees for approval next week. UT Senior Vice President William Decatur says it's needed to offset a further reduction in state funding, as well as fewer out-of-state and international students attending UT. If approved, the increases will go into effect in the fall." Damn. Has in-state enrollment increased? I heard that the money raised would be used for new technology and hiring new faculty. If enrollment is down, why would more faculty be needed? Spring enrollment at BG and Owens was up. Maybe something else is wrong at UT.
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Top cities for something - "Analyzing more than 400 metro areas in the U.S. and Canada using dozens of variables, the new Cities Ranked and Rated is the ultimate sourcebook for anyone looking to find the best place to live - or who's hungry to know how their hometown compares. Cities Ranked and Rated finally boils down all the variables into an overall city rating. Charlottesville, VA comes out tops, followed by Santa Fe, NM at #2; San Luis Obispo, CA at #3; Santa Maria-Lompoc, CA at #4; Honolulu, HI at #5; Ann Arbor, MI at #6; Atlanta, GA at #7; Asheville, NC at #8; Reno, NV at #9; and Corvallis, OR rounding out the top 10." - More>>
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Electronic voting for Lucas County - There was a meeting of the Lucas County Board of Elections Tuesday and the topic of voting machines came up. The state has yet to officially rule on the matter and the county hasn't officially decided what method will be used in either the May 6 state primary election or the November 2 general election. (They want to be changed over to Diebold electronic voting machines by Nov.) - More>>
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