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June 19, 2003

Does the Blade newspaper control Toledo? - The Toledo Business Journal has a collection of articles, claiming the Blade has undermined growth projects in Toledo. "There has been a significant amount of effort expended by [Blade's editor-in-chief John Robinson] Block, with the cooperation of Port Authority board member Jerry Chabler, as part of this personal vendetta."
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Mosquitoes can kill - I've heard the ridiculous, paranoid ads on the radio for weeks. Now come the billboards. "The billboards feature a stunningly large mosquito silhouetted on a blood-red backdrop. The Ohio Department of Health is spending about $400,000 this year to educate the public about West Nile virus." Dozens die every year in the U.S. from choking on a toothpick. Where's the outrage?
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Toledo's smoking ban - Blade columnist says the v2.0 ban is a "good start." I say, if you are bothered by the smoke somewhere, don't go there. "This latest version of Toledo smoking regulations is the result of a 12-member city council task force which was careful to present itself as open-minded to the concerns of the bar and restaurant owners who went a long way in making up the organized opposition."
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